Castle Menu |October 20-22|

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Mags Mulak

Hello everyone! Jordan here, back from the Chicago chapter and excited to be cooking again for this year's Castle event!

Some things of note -

- I will be doing my best to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities by labeling allergens and having alternatives available, if there is an issue or concern please don't hesitate to reach out.
- Please be mindful of your dishes and garbage as the event progresses, help us keep our tavern and space tidy!
- Remember to bring a vessel for holding drinks!
- The Kitchen proper will be warded, so if you need access to hold medical supplies or have items that need storage for safety reasons, please find a member of our kitchen staff to request access. (OOG)
- The late night snack on Friday will be homemade bread and peas porridge, provided by Gerty/Andrea!

Castle Menu.png

The Chef / Head Chef of the Whitecrown Palace, Personal Cook to Archduke Rumil, Proprietor of The Silver Spoon Bistro / Rathfall


Mags / Tavern Brownie of The Brownie's Edge / Gavaria

Hey friends,

I’m Nay, the Tavern Matron at the CHI Chapter, and I will be subbing-in for Jordan this event as Kitchen Lead while they rest up! The menu will remain the same, as will the prescriptions that Jordan outlined above. Jordan and I have worked together for a couple years now, and along with our Kitchen Staff we will make sure to take care of you guys during this exciting event.

My PC, Housemother Adlao, will also be popping in every once and while to sell her planned savory snacks between meals, so keep an eye out for her too!

My one additional ask for the Tavern is to try to keep anachronistic items- such as snack bags, disposable cups, and plastic bottles- out of view when in use and thrown away promptly when done, just so that any vetted/approved pictures or video of the event can be used in promo material for the MIN Chapter and Alliance in general.

See you in a couple days!

All the best,
Nay (rhymes with “Hi!”)- She/Her
Hey friends! Castle Kitchen is looking for the following borrow items from MIN locals:
  • Power strips/Splitters x2
  • Pressure Cooker x2
Please let us know if you can help out!

Many thanks,
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