Catalyst Naming Update

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Summary: When this goes into effect campaigns will be able to alter the way catalysts are named within their chapter with the reference to the ritual being stated on the tag. This would allow many more unique options for plot teams to put items out with so that the same redundant item isn't continually put out. It also allows multiple campaigns within the same chapter to run without being beholden to the same standardized catalyst list.

Vote: Update bylaws (5.5.3) to allow for adjustments to catalyst names via arc/adc - Passed
The following chapters voted for this policy: Asheville, Chicago, Raleigh, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Gettysburg, Denver, Las Vegas
The following chapters voted against this policy: None

Synopsis of conversations: There was mostly just mention of support for, with indications from the Design committee that they were willing to workshop some ideas through ARC. The only arguments against was the consideration of those who enjoyed the knowledge of having gained a little chapter lore out of finding the catalysts.
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