Celebrate the Sugar Sun! Usher in Spring!

Barran Plot

The Elder and Younger of the Spring Eternal Lands want to honor Tala-shee and celebrate the arrival of Springtime in Barran. They, with cooperation from Barran's Guilds, have set up a weekend of gaiety and fun to celebrate the Sugar Sun and the tireless Adventurers in Fury Falls. The area of Fury Falls has various courses, martial circles, and other lighthearted enjoyment prepared for Adventurer participation. Even the more serious Guilds and organizations are offering their support.

The Guilds of Barran and the local Elder and Younger call upon any who are young in spirit or need their spirits lifted to join our fête in Fury Falls! There will be scavenger hunts, Hunter games, martial and magical circles, Alchemist's Roulette, and even a Hearth and Home Bake-off!!

Prizes and fun to be had! May our hard-fought days be rested, if even for a weekend!!


This may seem out of sorts, but is Fury Falls such a place to hold an exciting event? I am not familiar with many festivals due to the fact that I most stayed withing in the walls of my library at home. I would be very much interested in studying such events taken place. Would this be a problem if were just simply observe what goes on at this "Sugar Sun" celebration?


-Jadden Barran'i

*side thought* I wonder if anyone could inform me of how to play such "games"?
There is a prize and an entry fee. Contestants pick an unlabeled elixer from a pile and all drink simultaneously. Some elixers are harmless, others will prevent you from moving too the next round. Eventually the last one at the end not incapacitated wins the prize.


Hmm. I will think on this. Perhaps I have a different version of the contest that might intrigue.


HQ Staff
And what if your race resists poisons?


I was just speaking with some others about this.

If your race resists poisons, it's still obvious to the person who runs the game that you have consumed the poison. Perhaps multiple games may be run for those who resist poisons innately and those who do not. Poison shields disallow you from participating.


In most sane places any harm you cause while under alchemical affects is treated with extreme prejudice when voluntarily participating in such a game.



Gettysburg Staff

A poison shield would not stop an imbibed elixir.

If you make ones that do, I'll take 10.



Duly noted, Tieran. The realm of imbibed substances is new to me. My profession calls mainly for the thrown and coated varieties.

I do not pretend otherwise. I am simply the businessman.