Celebration of Little Grunyon in July


The House of Temperance and Ruin and the Eagle Tribe of the Odekrag will be holding the annual celebration of the glorious death of the Eagle Tribe hero Little Grunyon in battle against the Savage Legion. The celebration will take place in the Ceriopolis, and participation is open and encouraged to all.
There will be food and drink, and the annual recreation of the final battle of the hero Little Grunyon. All interested parties are invited to participate as either side as they so wish.
Further announcements to follow here, and at the gathering itself.

On a related note, I will be seeking to purchase Intoxicate Elixirs.

Dominus Mortem Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth Psychopompos
Dominus Mortem,

I will be pleased to attend!

Dominus Vitae

I've got you all the intoxicated elixirs I'll be able to whip up. This is a damn good cause. Plus, party. So you can count me in to help where I can.

Much Love,
Tal-Herroth, citizen of Flynt
Thank you, Dominus Vitae. The service of healers will likely be important.

Thank you, Tal-Herroth. I will seek you out at the gathering.