Celestial Casters Join the Mage's Guild


on a piece of parchment on the tavern wall

hone your skills-train in magic-share knowledge-defend the Hollow

Celestial Guild Members and Potential Applicants,

The Mage's Guild is a group of Celestial casters dedicated to the continued advancement of the study of magic. The guild is also to provide assistance to each other and the town. Now back in Chiriam's Hollow we will be calling a meeting of all Guild Members, and Non-Guild members who would like to apply to the Guild on Saturday night.

The charter will be made available at that time for potential and current members.

Please contact:
Guild Master Arato Tabin Silberbough
Guild Master Caseighipeus
Assistant Guild Mistress Deborah Glyngrean
Assistant Guild Mistress Medb Widdershins