Celestial Circle Report from May Gathering


Hello everyone! It seems that as would be expected many things were accomplished in the greatest of all circles of power, the celestial circle! I have below a list of the various things that were identified. There also seems to be some random debri left in the circle, so I’ve notated it here, but I’d rather prefer to be in a box, or a bag, or tied together with a rope, or whatever process you’d like to use.

May 6th

Roland invests Jorgunn
Roland Identifies a Wooden Token on a braided string (6010) with an Arcane Armor 20 of an earthen nature
Roland Identifies a Battlemage’s Strike Ritual
Roland Identifies a Small green crystal on a silver chain (6007) with a Store Ability - Intercept

May 7th

Roland Identifies a Large Clear Gem (6006) With the ability to transfer to an appropriate weapon, a Memory Strike 3rd level and an Assassin’s Edge both of a celestial nature
Roland Identifies a Green egg with pink flower motif (6004) with the Merchant Insight effect of a celestial nature
Roland Identifies a 3 Leaf Clover pin (6008) with Quicken Mediation x1, Endure Elements - Extreme noise, and Jack of All Trades of a celestial and earthen nature
Roland Identifies a Bound Shard Scroll
Roland Identifies a Solid metal ring with a red gem (6003) with a Sleep/Paralysis Blow, Enchant - Weapon Shield, and Enchant Cure Wounds 15. Of an Earthen Nature
Roland Identifies a Multi-Colored Bracelet with Spell Store 3 of an Earthen Nature
Roland Identifies a Summon Elemental (Foundation) scroll

May 8th

Roland Identifies a Curved shell with spots and Sun pattern on top (6005) with focused resistance x1 of a celestial nature.

In addition some random Debri was also left, please bring a box or something to contain these. These items include

Some Battle Magic scrolls
What appears to be a magic item of some type.
2 Reagents
A destroy Magic scroll
A Summon Foundation Elemental scroll, please let me know if I can use this
A Bound Shard Scroll

I look forward to actually coming out to meet folks and perhaps talk shop. I could use some additional coin for some projects I want to work on. Does anyone suppose they’d be willing to pay for some protective casting, or even some ritual magic? I’m not the most skilled but I can definitely handle the basics for celestial rituals. Oh yes, also my associate has some project for you, so please pay attention to her, as I’d like to take advantage of the hard part already being done in a few months if possible.

Keeper of the Celestial Circle

P.S. Please add some blankets, pillows or chairs to the circle. I was uncomfortable while doing my work this week. I'm sure you could hire Calamitous if you don’t have these things already.