Celestial Circle Summary from the April Gathering


Raleigh Staff
Hello the Town!

I'm not great in the dream realm so I'm sure I'll stop by sometime when I have the time. At any rate my....associate Enika claims I need to keep these dreams up to date, and so I am here to report on the happenings on the Celestial Circle, as well as promise that I'll update that book with more specific instructions but so far things seem to be going well enough that I'm sure Adelaide is pleased.

Happens in the Celestial Circle on 4th month of the year.

April 8: Adelaide Invests Roland
Roland Identifies Belt with Enchant: 3 Ever Life
Roland Identifies Ritual Scroll: Enchant

April 9: Roland Invests Crow
Crow Invests Renard
Roland Identifies a necklace with Arcane Armor: 20
Roland Identifies a bracelet with Celestial Spell Store: 4
Roland Identifies an Arcane Stone that is quickly losing power
Roland Identifies Ritual Scroll: Copy Formal Magic
Roland Identifies Bracelet with Potency: Stone
Roland Identifies Ritual Scroll: Elemental Imbuement
Roland Identifies a Generous Butterfly with Sorcerous Triage
Roland Identifies a Topaz with Store Ability: Dodge
Roland Identifies a wooden token with Empowered Warrior
Renard Identifies a Ritual Scroll: Empowered Armor
Roland Identifies a ring with 1 per day Counterspell
Roland Identifies a blue stone with 2 per day Quicken Aid

Kind Regards,

Eylore the Spectacular