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While we continue to work our way towards ruleset 2.0 the owners have made the decision to replace the Gypsy race effective immediately. Current players that have a gypsy character will have the option to change to the new Selunari race, or become human. We are hoping that this will be an easy transition both in game and out of game for all players and plot teams involved. This new race comes with a changed racial requirement; a penny sized gem placed somewhere on your forehead with the option of additional gems placed elsewhere on the face. A lot of effort and consideration has gone in to the creation of this race and we are excited to see it brought to life.

Please read this post in its entirety to understand the changes involved.

Pronunciation guide

Selunari (SEH-loo-NAH-ree)
Eshdir (ESH-deer)
Sela (SEH-laah)

Why is this race changing? This race is changing as part of a concerted effort to remove a known racial slur from the game's vocabulary and move the story of Fortannis forward in a more respectful, socially progressive way. Our goal was to replace the old race with a proper Alliance fantasy race, providing Fortannis-relevant background and culture rather than relying on outdated and offensive real-life stereotypes. At the same time, we wanted to keep the overall essence of the race intact, so those who love playing it may continue to do so in good conscience. The result, Selunari, is a race that is uniquely Fortannis-based and fully integrated into the world, whose gameplay is similar to its predecessor, but more nuanced and inviting an even higher caliber of roleplay.

How is this change being implemented? Your local plot team may decide to handle the Gypsy to Selunari switch in-game, each may handle this a little differently but must be completed no later then September. All Selunari players should read and familiarize themselves with the new race packet and terminology. The prosthetic will be optional until the larger rules change goes into effect (Ruleset 2.0). A new player may no longer choose to play a Gypsy, they will only have the option to pick Selunari, which is effective immediately.

What kinds of gems can I use? As long as the primary gem is at least the size of a US penny, you have free reign to choose gems that best represent your character. The typical choice is the type of flat-backed gems you can find in a craft store, as they are easy to find and purchase, can be affixed to the skin with spirit gum or sewn to a headband. These gems tend to be very symmetrically-shaped, so if a rougher, more natural-looking crystal is what you prefer, feel free to choose that route! You can even experiment with making your own gems out of resin or plastic. Be creative!

Can I place my gems anywhere other than my forehead? As long as one US penny-sized gem is somewhere on your forehead, additional gems may be placed elsewhere on the face. Again, we want to encourage variety and creativity in your prosthetic. A Selunari may have a matched set of gems above and below one eye, or a trail of gems leading down one temple on to the cheek, or some other combination entirely. We're excited to see what our players come up with!

I already play this race...
  • Can I continue to call my character Gypsy or Roma? No. We created the Selunari specifically to move away from racial slurs and appropriation of a real-life people. Please refer to your character only as Selunari, or as the IG name your chapter may have given the race in the past (as long as it is not Rom/Romani).
  • Do I have to change my personality? Not at all! The Selunari were designed to be very similar to their predecessor race in general demeanor, to affect core game play as little as possible. The only difference is an even deeper bond between your character and the rest of the Selunari, which you may roleplay entirely as you see fit.
  • Do I have to change how I act around other races? Only if you feel it appropriate! The bond the Selunari feel does not extend to other races, even those who have been adopted into Selunari culture, so it is up to you to decide how that may affect your roleplay.
  • Can I still use my curses? Until ruleset 2.0 is available Gypsy curse will become Selunari Curse. This doesn't necessarily fit with the Selunari race however; our suggestion is to role play that the magic inside you is changing and takes time access your true selunari racials.
  • Can I re-spend my build to get rid of Gypsy Curse or gain Resist Curse? When the 2.0 ruleset change goes through, you will gain back any build previously spent on Gypsy Curse, which you may then re-spend on Resist Curse.
Chapters may, at their discretion, reprint Magic Item tags which reference Gypsies (e.g. Race Reaver or Flaws).

The rulebook and finalized race packet will be made available shortly, until then you can read the Selunari rulebook blurb at
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