Chapter Changes Announcement - 4/11/14


Hello Alliance Seattle Players!

During closing ceremonies after the Valley of Ghosts Campaign Closing Event, some major announcements were made.

The Alliance Seattle chapter has been purchased by Eric Echelbarger, the player of Teth the Dark Elf, who has been a part of this chapter for a decade. A huge thank you to Nick Bond for his time and contribution as owner!

The chapter wholeheartedly thanks the departing plot staff for their significant contributions to the game. The Valley of the Ghosts has been a campaign that no one will soon forget! Thank you to Matt Oostman, Carmen Swift, Brian Johnson, Jimmy Hastings, and Ron Leota!!

Since the Valley of Ghosts campaign has come to a fantastic close, a new plot staff will be stepping up with a new campaign. The new plot staff will consist of Shane Macomber as head of plot, and Chloe Monroe, Tony Mungo, and Seth Bird as the plot team.

After years of hard work as our Head of Logistics, Barbara Martin will also be leaving her position as Head of Logistics. Her contribution to the logistics process, innovations to the entire pre-game and logistics process have been significant. Thank you Barb for your time, hard work, and vision in a position that is often under estimated in its impact on our events.

Emily S. will be the new Head of Logistics.

Matt Oostman will also be leaving his position as General Manager. For those who have played the game for a long time, very obvious positive changes have come about during his time as GM. The props and costuming have evolved to a level unseen before. Site reservations and major logistical matters have been handled with ease, and the chapter's membership has grown significantly. Because of all of this, we very wholeheartedly thank Matt for his time as GM. Thanks Matt!!

Paige Hubbell will step up as the new General Manager. Emily S. will be her Assistant General Manager.

Another significant Thank You to Gabriel De Los Angeles for his time as the Head Chef! The happiness and well-being of the staff community hinges on the happiness of its belly, and Gabe has done wonders in
making sure this pivotal role has been well in hand.

Our new Head Chef will be Chantell Wagner, who has been working with Gabe for the last year. We look forward to Chantell's kitchen concoctions!

We look forward to seeing you all at the next event, May 30th - June 1st, 2014 at Millersylvania State Park!

New Staff List:

Owner - Eric Echelbarger
Head of Plot - Shane Macomber
Plot - Chloe Monroe
Plot - Tony Mungo
Plot - Seth Bird
Logistics - Emily S.
General Manager - Paige Hubbell
Assistant General Manager - Emily S.
Head Chef - Chantell Wagner


Thanks to Emily for providing a comprehensive post on the upcoming staffing changes. It's true that we're finalizing the sale of the chapter to Eric, and the above staffing changes are what will be going through in the very near future.

To the current staff, thank you for your many hours volunteered making this a better game. I sincerely appreciate all you have done and I wish I had the means to provide you the compensation you truly deserve. The work you all have done for this game has made all the difference in the quality of the experiences that everyone has had when they play Alliance Seattle. I especially want to thank Matt Oostman, who has worked tirelessly and with great devotion to the betterment of Alliance Seattle. I can say without a doubt that we owe our success over the last several years to Matt and his constant efforts.

To all the players and NPCs of Alliance Seattle, I want to say thank you. I have been volunteering for Alliance Seattle in one capacity or another for nearly twelve years, and all of you have made this game something worth coming back to. I know that the new staff and plot team are very excited to be working for you, and I'm sure you will enjoy making stories with them over the next few years. I have the utmost confidence in their abilities and I cannot wait for you to see what they have to offer.

Nick Bond


Oregon Staff
In addition, I will be stepping down as Website Administrator. I'm finalizing the transfer of everything today to Eric.

For those who weren't at closing, I'll repeat what I said there. I remember Matt's first PM in which he called me "most qualified" to fill out the team back when it was just him and Bond. My first thought was, "If I'm the most qualified, we're screwed." But, I eventually decided that I would regret not trying more than I would regret trying. 3 and a half years after that PM, I know I've grown a lot as a storyteller, and I've watched a lot of you grow as roleplayers. I've made several changes to how we run plot that I can look back and be proud of, and I've seen several changes in the organization as a whole, including the formation of a deco team. In the end, even though it has consumed a substantial portion of my free time, and has at various times been my highest source of stress, I'm sure I made the right decision. I can't think of anything for which I would trade this time with Alliance Seattle.

It's always rough when a family breaks apart due to irreconcilable differences. I wish Eric and the new plot team the best in terms of getting through this period and producing a quality game that people can enjoy.