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In my short amount of time playing this game this chapter has always been a pleasure to play at. I knew I wasnt going to make coin, I knew I was probably going to die horribly in some fashion that might get me resurrected but I knew I was going to have fun. I know I'm not alone, I've heard plenty of Alliance and LARP vets talk about how this game was special to them and how great it felt. Below is a list of things that stick out the most over the three years that I've played at XRoads:

1) EXPLOSIONS! That first year was something else. How do you start a chapter? Run up a small incline onto a large field after there has been explosions in the background. It sort of felt like the final scene of Glory, except we all lived at the end.

2) The danger of walking alone never once disappeared in this chapter. Everytime someone went off down the long road or off to the bathroom or off to their sleeping area they were taking a massive risk of being attacked by something roaming. The first year it was goblins, the second husks, and the third it seemed to be lizards.

3)Speaking of husks and I know this will end up on the lists of many people but how about that fight to protect the ritual. The circle in the middle of the field, the lights in the trees. Everyone IG and OOG thinking "Yup...we're screwed." Few wave battles stand out to me like that one did. I will be telling that story for years to come and many a new larper will hear about it because of Rule 1 and Rule 2.

4)On the flipside just because we beat the husks once doesnt mean they ever became a pushover. No monster ever became a pushover and I'll attribute that to how the level cap was managed over the past three years. There was always a sense of danger, always a chance that something could go wrong and oh boy did it go wrong numerous times. Destroyed earth circle, Fort Mishap, that time we stood in a line and watched the entire line pretty much get rolled up and all of us forced off the field of battle in what became a mad dash away from the enemy that saw me hide in the woods along with Raavna

5)The people I met and played with on a regular basis both PC and NPC. You have all been amazing people and I hope that XRoads continues on in the future so we can keep hanging out and having amazing times together.

6)The food! Thank you to everyone to has worked in the kitchen over the past three years. Preparing, serving, cleaning. You folks are awesome and the food made in mass for all of us was great. You guys kept us going in the morning, evening and midnight.

7)The fact we knew when things were ramping down most of the time. We knew if we went to bed at such and such time we wouldnt miss something big and major. It helped us plan just how less exhausted we would be. Never rested. Just less exhausted.


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I started my involvement with this chapter as a chance piece of luck. I had made it a personal goal when I first started this game in 2007 to become better and more involved with every aspect of it every year. I took some baby steps at first, got my head around the rules, made my first PC... In 2009 I was asked if I could build a website for the new chapter, and it was an opportunity for me as both a player and developer that I couldn't pass up. That next February in 2010, I was asked to come to the first full crossroads staff meeting. Half way through the meeting I was told I would be taking a marshal's test. I kind of laughed as for me it came right out of left field... but to my surprise I passed. From their I just became more and more embedded into the team. I only missed 1 event out of the 3 seasons we ran, so I have no shortage of favorites. What is most favorite, most important to me is the feeling of accomplishment I gained from being part of it all. I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish as a chapter, and I am extremely grateful for how it has pushed me to become a better player and a better person. My favorite part of all this cant be really summed up in an event, but more so in an emotion and a bonding of people. My favorite thing has been to watch people take part of a story that I was a part of cultivating, and knowing that they enjoyed it.

- Jeremy


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If not for Crossroads, I don't know if I ever would have started playing this game. I'm referring to the staff, not the chapter. Before I ever played an event, Will dragged me out to Tab's house for the first season's closer party where I basically got to meet everybody and get to know them in a very "interesting" light. The entire community is made up of an absolutely fantastic group of people. Being local, I often stopped by Tab's place to help with whatever they may have needed and usually showed up to site early to help set up mostly because I enjoyed hanging out with the people involved. Eventually, I was over one day that they had a staff meeting and rather than kicking me out I was asked to sit down and join in on their discussion and I guess that's when I became part of the staff myself. Crossroads is more than just a game or a group of people. It's a family that adopts you when you least expect it. Whether you like it or not.


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TheSaint said:
3)Speaking of husks and I know this will end up on the lists of many people but how about that fight to protect the ritual. The circle in the middle of the field, the lights in the trees. Everyone IG and OOG thinking "Yup...we're screwed." Few wave battles stand out to me like that one did. I will be telling that story for years to come and many a new larper will hear about it because of Rule 1 and Rule 2.
I npc'ed this and helped set it up. I only wish I was on the PC side of this because every one said how awesome it was. It was nice to see/hear people freaking out IG and OOG, "Did they just get a bus load of npc's?".


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haha yeah, the PC reaction to that encounter was fantastic.


I was standing in the circle in a white headband on, with a stopwatch and a lighter, waiting for my cue to light off the fireworks that signaled the end of the ritual. Everything was set up, Jess was in her dark elf makeup and in the circle, and the PCs were gathered around us, facing out into the trees.

The first eyes light up. Then 8 more. Then 15 more. Then there's 50. All I hear is " many NPCs *are* there?..."

I've never seen PCs freak out, fight so hard, and then pull through (barely). There were some times when I honestly thought you guys were going to let Dissonance touch the circle, but it never happened. You communicated, watched out for your neighbors, checked out how the people on the other side of the circle were doing, and when I finally got the fireworks to light (stupid condensation on the stupid metal frame making the stupid wicks wet) there was a total sigh of relief :)


This chapter made sooo many things seem new again!!!!

Just about everything with the Capter is a Favorite!
From the level of Rp from all the Crew, I mean there was people that I know it was their first game ever and the level of awsome that they came out with!! They may be awsome peeps but some of that has to put on the level of awsome that the Vet. Crew!!

I said it back at the closer year 1, I've been playing "Nero" in all its forms for about 23 years and I've been came jaded..but this Chapter gave life back to a game I played when I was all seemed new...part of it was it was a low level game but a greater part was the LOVE and Caring that the Staff and Crew put into it.

FIRE and Explosions!!! can never have to much!!!

Props just unbelivable!! not many..."what do I see"

Story..something this game had in Aces!!! roll with what the PC did...not many peeps would kill most of the town cause someone told the bad guy what was going on...part was us trying to be the "Hero" and not running like we should have....LOL

Overall I have to say that playing in this Chapter was FUN and I want to Thank EVERYONE who had a hand in making it so...From Tab and the Staff, the Crew and to the PCs...

I got my fingers crossed...

I will see you all when I see you...

Live well and Die with Honor
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