Chapter Policies

Chaos Damage
In an effort to continue to make Necromancy an appealing choice. Chaos Damage will function much in the same way body damage does by generally affecting everything. It will still heal creatures who would normally be healed by Necromancy. But, will now hurt creatures who had previously been unaffected by the Chaos carrier. This includes Elementals, Golems, and creatures with No Metabolism. Just like with Body, some strange creatures maybe immune to Chaos for story reasons.

2 PM Logistics Day Switch
Our Logistics days no longer run from 6pm to 6pm. They will now run from 2PM to 2PM. At 2PM everyone will need to switch to their next day battleboards and rememorize.

Crafting Supply Kit & In Mod Crafting
We are introducing crafting supply kits. These kits maybe purchased from logistics and have a value of up to 100 cp. They are specific to each crafting type. Any in mod crafting challenges such as sealing a door with blacksmithing, will require the production to be paid from a Blacksmith Crafting Supply Kit. The intent is to not take money mid mod but, instead to represent the expenditure of supplies in a more realistic way. Upon usage a Marshall will mark the tag off with the production expended. Crafting Kits can be purchased from the crafting station or logistics. They may be sold back to logistics via the merchant skills for the value left on the tag. Additionally you may purchase up to 100 cp of crafting supply kits as part of a goblin stamp production purchase.

A crafting supply kit must be repped, and can be repped as various tools of the trade. Such as a bag of potion vials, some small black smithing tools, or a stack of paper, with a minimum combined rep size of 6x4x2 inches. Each rep will cover a maximum of 100 cp of crafting supplies.

Craftsman Skills
The new Craftsman Policy is attached. IBGAS will remain the same with the exception of the removal of the questions. Folks can now expend craftsman points prior to the event to ask additional questions during their IBGAs.


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