Chapterwide LCO Effects and Policies


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This thread lists and describes the various LCO (Local Chapter Only) Effects and policies that are used at Alliance LARP NH. When additional LCO Effects and Policies are added in game, this list will be updated. Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have about any of these LCO Effects.


For safety reasons, a player who wants to restrain a PC or NPC’s hands or legs should not do so in real life, even if both parties are willing. Instead, they should attach a cloth, rope, or other phys rep to their limb(s) without binding their limbs to each other or to anything else. These restraints may have an item tag, but do not need to. A single phys-rep is sufficient to bind all of their limbs. A player can restrain another’s limbs only if they are incapacitated or willing, AND those limbs could be moved. (ex. Paralysis and Sleep - Yes, Prison and Web- No)

A player restrained in this way cannot use in-game skills (including fighting, blocking, and casting spells), manipulate items with their hands, or move from that spot, but they can be moved by others. Players may still roleplay, wriggle, and speak; they are not frozen in place. A shackled player is freed under these conditions:
  • The “Release” effect
  • A player with free hands releases the shackled player on a 3-count
  • A shackled player with “Create Trap” and two working arms visibly role plays trying to free their limbs for 60 uninterrupted seconds of appropriate Focus without taking damage
  • The restraints are successfully shattered by some game effect, such as a spell or an explosive trap. A restrained player cannot have their restraints “disarmed”
  • Resurrection. Note that Doom, Life, Stun Limb, and Restore do NOT remove shackles.

Flurries and Combat Engagement

Math is hard. Math is especially hard when multiple people are poking you with padded weapons.

In recognition of this, we ask all players who are in combat to limit their flurries of blows to no more than 5 at a time. In addition, we ask all players to not engage a single combatant with more than 4 people simultaneously. It is recommended that players swing one to five times, wait a full second for math to occur, and then proceed with another flurry.

This policy is intended to make culturally explicit the reality of our medium: if everyone is swinging as fast as they can, even the most mathematically-inclined players didn't “get all that”. It is our hope that this policy will continue to keep combat fast, interesting, and competitive, while also reducing human error and making advanced combat accessible for more players.

Gaseous Form

“Gaseous Form” is a monster ability in Alliance that renders a creature incorporeal and immune to most effects in the game. (ARB p.71)

Since we believe the spirit of this rule is that creatures in gaseous form are obvious, we will instruct NPCs with this ability to cross their claws (not their arms) in front of them to indicate this. The intent is to improve clarity in situations where many monsters have the ability “Gaseous Form”. This is intended as a courtesy, not a requirement; should a player drop this sign temporarily, the creature they portray does not instantly solidify. This policy does not change the rules surrounding this ability in any way.


Some creatures in our world cannot be seen. However, their effect on the world can still be felt.

NPCs in green headbands are “Unseen”, meaning that while these players are in-game, they are portraying an invisible creature or force. Unless a plot member tells you otherwise, these characters are invisible to your character and immune to your weapon and packet attacks.

While Unseen characters, their costuming, and their claws are invisible, objects they hold are not. If an Unseen holds a weapon, shield, or other item in their hands, all characters can see that object floating in the air. If an Unseen knocks over a table or opens a door, that effect can be seen by all even though its source is invisible. Rifting makes an audible “pop”, even when performed by Unseen creatures.
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"Shackled" renamed to "Restraint" and the effect has been updated to be more compatible with the 2.0 rules set.