Char-History requirement?


Hello all,

First things first, I'm new here so hello, but I am trying to get all my ducks in a row to attend the upcoming National event 13-15 which so happens to be in this area. I figure it's as good as time as any. If this doesn't get a response, I'll shoot an email to Logistics, but I figured someone may be able to answer me here without me having to pester them just yet.

I need to submit my character into / sheet to Logistics, but is a character history required BEFORE you can play? I have every intention on writing one, it's part of the game I enjoy and writing lore is awesome, but I'm already trying to wrap my head around a bajillion different things from costuming to equipment finishing before the event which isn't that far away, and I was sort of hoping to get a feel for the environment before I wrote a history.

That being said, I know it gives a hefty amount of additional points, but it's my understanding that I could still submit a history and get those, just not immediately apply them and must just use them like I would normally acquired points? Is that correct?

Sorry to ask so many weird questions, but I figure I'd get those out of the way right now. Also - Hello again to you all, and I hope to meet a lot of you in the near future.


Hey there!

I'm the New Player rep for Seattle, nice to meet you!

To answer your question, no it's not required, but it's encouraged to ensure that you have something to talk about yourself with while being vetted by the Plot team.

Additionally, have you seen this? These are the racial packets for the Calliphestus campaign. You're free to use one for your character, if you'd like to.

Let me know if I can assist at all!


Note: Elara is out of date. That country is currently occupied by the Savage Legion with ~90% of the prior residents reportedly killed. The Dark Elven House of Broken Reason fled to their sister nation of the Denigrata Regnum in the Blackened Reaches, the other Dark Elven House is rumored to be destroyed to the last person. The Elves fled as well, some seeking refuge in the nearby Prashapti, but most are seeking refuge in the Verdant Eyrie.


Thank you Seth, evidently I changed the working versions, but not the live version. I'll work on that tonight.


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