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Im starting this because I feel like there's going to be a need for it- and I figured its worth a shot. I am usually not much for manufactured relationships but this kind of game seems to favor it because it only plays once a month and new players could have a tough time doing it strictly in the course of play on weekends-and not everyone knows how or wants to do between-game roleplay.

So, heres the deal: Have an opportunity in your background for people to tie into? Could be anything. Put your name, your character name, and your contact information in a response to this thread with a short explanation of the kind of relationships/opportunities you can offer, or the kind of history that might work with yours or region of origin- or whatever you need to say to give someone an idea and then be open to other players contacting you and seeing if you can make some kind of background tie happen. Don't post secrets, just give enough teaser to flavor what you are offering/looking for.

Likewise, new players or people looking for background ties, take a look at what gets posted and privately contact the poster if you see something that interests you. Noone is obligated to do ties with anyone if the fit dosnt seem right, but ya should go in with an open mind as in general, the point is to break down some of the ooc barriers that can happen as a game grows by creating chances for additional interpersonal depth and getting new players/characters an option to get more involved more directly.
Player: Briana
Character: Vira
Contact: PM me
In my background I have opportunities for family members and childhood freinds in a variety of different capacities. Also for rivals/frenemies with advanced/polite pvp potential on a limited basis.
Best match (but not strictly limited to) would be with average commoner Wylderkin, Human and Sarr players out of central Acarthia (Tiatar, Rivervale, Warchester regions)

Additional particular opportunities for people looking to play wylderkin in the general category of classic European/american game critters. Deer/elk/that kinda thing, boar, rabbit, wild sheep, pheasant- that kinda thing.
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Player: Dan!
Character: Zui Lian
Contact info: Facebook works best, or PM me here.
There are numerous options for childhood friends, clan-mates, and acquaintances for Sarr from the Seven Hills. For those that aren't Sarr, the best options are folks more traveled than an average commoner, primarily from the northern areas of the world. I am fairly open with connecting myself to those who want to, just bother me with messages!
Player: Trace Moriarty
Contact: Facebook or
Primary Character: Dame Katherine Albright

Best connections will be among:
  • Characters of any race or background who spent significant time in Rivervale in the past 30 years
  • Characters of any race with a mercantile background who may have been involved with the Watson's Ferry, Rivervale annual trade fair in the past 3 years
  • Human characters from, or characters of any race connected to the aristocratic old families of Acarthia
  • Characters who studied or trained at Moorfield Keep
  • Any character of a martial background who may have fought during the War of a Thousand Skirmishes, especially stationed in Rivervale, Warchester, or western Tiatar
  • Characters who enjoy carousing as a hobby and could've met a Musketeer type along the way

Second Character: Lola

Best connections will be among:
  • Gypsies, Mystic Wood Elves
  • "Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond...." \m/
  • Characters from the Mystic Marsh, or southern Bayenna
  • Anyone who wishes to have a connection with a fortune teller, medium, or mortician (probably not appropriate for characters of the upper social classes)
Player: Zach Brooks
Contact: Facebook or
Primary Character: Risome (Ri) Yarrow

Best connections will be among:
  • Characters from the Wylands especially those from the Red Pines area.
  • Character who were part of Lamplight during it's early years before it came to New Acarthia
  • Characters who are from Tiatar (More Recently)
Player: Jonathan Wisner
Contact: Facebook or
Primary Character: Faren

Best connections: Characters that have spent time in the Howling Woods, especially Barbarians, Dryads but truly any that might of wandered that area.
Player: Bob Chapin
Contact: Facebook or chapin at gmail
Primary Character: Connor Rinaldi
Best Connections: Warchester Military (limitedly) or small time mecenary work through through Rivervale
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Player: Jesse Sweitzer (Though a lot of folks know me as Jake, so that works too.)
Contact: Facebook (I'm Jake Otter there) or
Primary Character: Giles Winterwine
Best Connections: Any Three Spires student or teacher or visitor could meet Giles pretty readily. In addition, the Winterwine family name could be recognized among vinters, merchants, or anyone from Icen.
Figure I should prolly finally respond to this.

Player: Porch
Contact: Facebook or PM Here
Primary Character: Frank (Muntjac Wylderkin)
Best Connections: Arcroot (Another Kingdom, PM for details), Army during the last year of the war of 1k skirmishes, Tiatar as of the last 2 years, abroad the Duchy in the last year.
Player: Matt Wallenburg
Contact: Facebook or
Primary Character: Valdyr Stormfang, barbarian scout.
Best Connections: Adversaries- a human estate in Ungsteen. Message for details. Allies- dryad in Ungsteen from about year 410, barbarians from Yalinth year 413-414, especially White Stag, Bayena near Shadow Watch Keep from late 414 to present.
Player: Val McManamy
Contact: Facebook or
Primary Character: Lucian

Connections for the long lived:
  • Exploration and mapping of Rivervale, Tiatar and Warchester.
  • The Goblin Wars, The War of Yards, the War of a Thousand Skirmishes.
  • Philosophical discussions concerning human civilization development.
  • Sharing of wine recipes.
  • Just about anything both good and bad.

Connections for the more recently living:
  • Anywhere in Tiatar, Mystic Marshes and Wylands.
  • Finding love letters in old crates.
  • Family debt/boon.
  • Sharing of stories, drinks, odd mementos.

Got an idea? I've got a connection or a bit of story to spin with you!

Player: Mark Copeland-Rodden
Contact: Facebook or PM here
Primary Character: Fynn Silvermark, human rogue
Best Connections:
Port Tyrok
Warchester military service/penal unit (surprisingly less connection to the next item than you'd think at first glance)
Piracy/organized crime (either side of the legal fence)
Traveling performer or traveling with performer's troupe
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