Character builder spreadsheet tool


I did a minor revision of this spreadsheet.

Specifically I changed:
  • on the build tab
    • added "spent" field
    • added armor calculation per class - useful when comparing swapping classes
    • added "max armor" that is below "max body"
  • on the experience tab
    • added a date recv'd column; useful for tracking when blankets from other chapters and you need to help logistics reconcile
    • moved BP column to be to the right of XP gained
    • shifted the BP column up 1 cell, making it so that the current BP is on the same line as the blanket. This feels much more intuitive to me.


So now that we are using 2.0 rules, adding a link to the spreadsheets I created for the 2.0 rules.

The simple version:

The advanced version:
Includes lots of extra features, including XP tracking, a current & planned skills tab, a copy-paste summary mode (useful for text chat), a character card.