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Discussion in 'Fiction and Art' started by KialdaLoa, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. KialdaLoa

    KialdaLoa Artisan

    Hehehe, I hope you all have had enough of meek little Alda, cause I am getting really excited about introducing my secondary character!

    It was a slow day today, so I uploaded a sketch and started to work with some color! Unfortunately, I did run out of time and did not get to shade it like I wanted to... but here is the basic idea.

    I'm looking for any feedback about what folks think of the style of clothes and leather armor. She's from Bobthitet, and was a slave, so she scavenged everything she has... I want it to look desert-y and slave-y, but also be functional... Tell me what you think! :D


    PS: I hope you enjoy the cheesy texture of the sand and the horribly cliche lens flare. I know, I'm super awesome at photoshop. xD
  2. Robb G

    Robb G Baron

    no 10 inch heels?
  3. KialdaLoa

    KialdaLoa Artisan

    Haha, no, you jerkface :sweat: This character will need to run around a fair deal more than Alda!
  4. Tetsu

    Tetsu Scout

    I think it looks great Susie :) The character looks like she's reacting to some snarky comment, raising her claw saying something like "really, guy, you want to step to this?"
  5. So Susie, are you going to come play with the Pride?
  6. Ezri

    Ezri Knight HQ Staff

    Ah, but Alda is going to need new boots soon too... she's learning to run ;)
  7. jpariury

    jpariury Duke

    Something of a sidenote: the artwork reminds me of AdventureQuest.
  8. Matthew Mendoza

    Matthew Mendoza Newbie Charlottesville Staff

    are you planning on painting your skin? just curious
  9. Tetsu

    Tetsu Scout

    Hi Matt,

    Not to speak for Susie, but she has been using makeup to rep her Sarr face. She looks awesome as it's very detailed. If you're wondering what type of makeup is good to create this illusion; I would recommend Mehron liquid. I've been using Mehron's liquid green for my High Orc for several years, and it's been consistantly excellent quality. You can also perspire to a certain degree without worrying about it smearing too badly. Incorperating a headband into your costume is helpful, too. Stems the tide of a sweaty dome.

    -Justin C.
  10. Matthew Mendoza

    Matthew Mendoza Newbie Charlottesville Staff

    cool, i'll have to try and find mehron's makeup. As soon as I PC for the first time, I plan on being a Raccoon-kin if you hadnt guessed :p my friend called me a newb for asking this question... perhaps I should have just elaborated on my question more.

    Her original picture showed the clothes as not covering the shoulders and arms, so I was actually wondering if she was planning on painting all the exposed skin, or if maybe she had some specially made nylon/stocking/gloves/shirt piece that was like those tatoo sleeves that you can buy at halloween stores but painted as shown in her pictorial representation. I'm sure there are many different ways to phys rep skin color or fur or whatever... unless wearing skin tight things to physrep skin color is not allowed? but if it is,... it would be great to have airbrushed muscles... or an airbrushed pot belly(my raccoon likes to eat).

    BTW, thanks for answering my question and not being condescending or anything. :D

    hopefully I'll be going to my 1st event at HQ next week... i'll just be an NPC this time, but i'll get to play with different costumes and try different personae. So i should learn alot.
  11. Undrask

    Undrask Scholar

    For a slave character I have always wanted to have a manacle around the wrist or steel collar that the character couldn't/didn't want to remove. It would remind them of their captivity and etc. Also, if they ever die and ressurect, their manacle wouldn't come with them, marking them as an adventurer, a slave no more.
  12. Tetsu

    Tetsu Scout

    Hi Matt,

    Susie does tend to make-up her exposed skin (she also plays an outstanding looking Dryad) however, she does use some clothing to rep leaves, or perhaps spots. I will shoot her a text and ask her to chime in so you can get the answer from the Sarr's mouth hehe.

    I can definitely tell you it's acceptable to wear colored, skin-tight garments to rep flesh colors etc. I wear green under armor as my High Orc. I have, however, on a special occasion painted my upper torso green. Typically, though, I wear the under armor with outerwear that covers the logos. Tattoo sleeves are common, too.

    I would say don't airbrush muscles. That's my personal taste, though. I think you'll find that if you participate in the physical aspect of our game that type of effect would begin to run, and may not look the way you would like for very long. You'r better off with airbrushing solid colors.

    What I would recommend for your racoon kin is the following:

    -Grey (or black) summer & winter long sleeve under armor
    -Grey liquid Mehron makeup as a base for your face
    -A cake(s) of starblend Mehron makeup black/white for the detail
    -Some false furs cut into patterns that match a racoon's fur (you could adhere this to the under armor, or perhaps cut up a vest and have the fur jutting through)
    -A kick-*** big ol' fluffy coon tail

    Kin may choose racials, and I would suggest Dodge/Resist poison.

    This is what I envisioned. Sorry for the poor scan quality. This was kind of quick and dirty:


    I failed to illustrate the tail in this picture. You could probably get one that you could attach to a belt, or something like that. Or you could even make a hole in the wrap pants and actually have it look like it's growing from it's proper above-the-butt locale lol.


    Justin C.
  13. KialdaLoa

    KialdaLoa Artisan

    Hey there! Sorry I didn't notice this reply before!

    I do indeed paint all exposed skin, both as my barkskin dryad and as my cheetah sarr. That being said, it is an arduous task, so I do all I can to have good-looking costuming covering skin. Leggings and under-armor is acceptable to rep skin/fur, so I do often wear brown leggings as my dryad. However, because it is 1) more difficult to find, and 2) I didn't trust that it would look exactly like I wanted and match the exact shade of gold, I do not wear any cheetah-print under-armor. I use Mehron liquid for dryad brown/black bark streaks, and mehron cream and cakes for the gold/white/black line and spots (that I paint on with a normal brush) for my cheetah. I also went through Equip This (am amazing costuming store run by Amanda Wells!) to get my cheetah tail. (I actually live down the road from Amanda, so we went to the fabric shop together to make sure the gold tail matches exactly the gold make up... we were very careful and she made an awesome stuffed tail that has an elastic belt that goes right over my pants!) :)

    Hope all this info helps! I'm gonna try to attach two of my sarr pictures...

    This one shows how much skin I expose (I paint the front and back of my legs under those sandal straps, my hands, shoulders, face, ears, and neck.) and my tail is also there in all of its poofy glory! :D

    And this one is a close-up look at my face, and also shows that my neck/shoulder make up DOES indeed get smeary because of sweat and armor issues. I chose not to use barrier spray, though... so I could possibly fix it and make it look better longer. I'm just worried that barrier spray 1) costs more and 2) makes you extra hot and sweaty because skin doesn't breathe, then.

    I hope those pictures work, and I hope that info helps! :)

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  14. Matthew Mendoza

    Matthew Mendoza Newbie Charlottesville Staff


    That drawing is similar to what I was thinking, actually. I'll have to get my scanner working and then draw a picture and post it too... though not necessarily in that order. For my racials I was trying to decide on either Dodge/Assassinate or Assassinate/Claw or Dodge/Claw. I was thinking assassinate because I read somewhere that raccoons catch fish and frogs to eat, and how else would you do that but from behind?
    It was nice meeting you this weekend if only briefly.
    thanks for sharing the pics of your Sar. It looks great. it does help thanks.

    I'll get back to you with a drawn pic soon.

  15. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    I thought all Wylderkin get claws and can then choose 2 additionals. Am I daft?
  16. Yes. Er, wait. That came out wrong. Wylderkin can choose any 2 racials that they can justify to their plot team, one of which could be Claws. The all get Scenting and pay double cost for Scholar Skills.

    Edit to add: *ribrib* I'm pretty sure Ben knew it, but I don't need someone reporting me because they got offended for him.
  17. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    *thumbs up* Okay, I'm cool.
  18. Alavatar

    Alavatar Baron

    I reported Ben for not being offended. :twisted: :blink:

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