Character Retirement FAQ


The rulebook has a good section entitled "Killing Off Your Character", which I'm going to quote extensively here.
  • What does my new character inherit from my old character?
    • Your new character will have half the XP of the character you retired (rounded down).
    • Your new character will have half the number of deaths of your old character (rounded up).
  • How do I request to retire a character?
    • Contact your logistics team. Tell them the character name you wish to retire; and the new character you wish to have granted half XP from that character. Your logistics team will then apply the appropriate number of deaths to the new character, and request the XP transfer from the tech team.
  • What gear do I start with as a new character?
    • You start with a pool to buy starting gear based off your starting XP. The starting pool is equal to the character’s XP times their level plus 100, up to level 30 (3000 XP) where it caps out. These points can be spent on equipment based on its Production Point value. It can also be used to buy spells in your starting spell book at the basic spell ink cost of 2 coppers per level of the spell. Alchemy recipes can be bought for 1 copper piece per Production Point of the recipe(s) chosen. Sources can be purchased for their standard cost of 20 coppers each, while armor, weapons, and other substances like scrolls and potions can be purchased for their Production Point cost directly. Characters with enough points can spend them on starting Magic Items directly for their Ritual Point cost.
  • What happens to my old character's stuff?
    • All of your character’s items must be turned in as appropriate to the method of retirement. If your character is killed out in the woods, the gear leaves the game. If they retire to a comfortable life as a tavernkeep, they may take some or all of their gear with them to pay for their retirement, but might give some away to your adventuring friends.
  • Any other suggestions around starting gear?
    • If your new character will have either a lot of starting items or a starting magic item, try to reach out to your logistics team in advance of the event. While they can do all the math on site, it'll be easier for everyone if it done in advance.
  • Can I combine multiple characters?
    • No.
  • Can I retire a character on its last life?
    • No. The decision to retire characters who draw a death stone must be done at that time.
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