Charm clarification: Please only Alliance LARP Utah Marshals respond.


Hope you all had as much fun as I did. Please share with us your favorite moments. And the things you really like about the game so we can add more things like that for the next game.

Charming the whole travelers cabin. (I should have made them dance)
I'm interested in a clarification on this from a Marshal, because Buddy described this as a very slow and deliberate charming of the Travelers when recounting the experience in our post-game talks at Chuck -A-Rama on Sunday.

In the rules, I've always found the wording on Charm to be open to RP interpretation - and should this come up again, I want to make sure our new players understand the implications and ramifications of the spell, which can be hard to roleplay properly, because many people have different interpretations of what "best friend" means.

Here's the word on Charm, as per the spell description: "This spell makes the victim view the caster as his or her best friend in the world. No amount of logic or role-playing will convince the victim that they are indeed charmed, and any order given will be justified and make perfect sense in the mind of the victim. The victim will not remember the casting of the spell. An attack on the victim by the caster’s companions will not immediately break the charm but if the caster does not attempt to stop it and if no good reason is provided for the attack, the charm may be broken. A direct attack by the caster will always break the charm, as will attempting a Killing Blow..."

Would the casting of another "Charm" spell upon the victim's friends constitute an "attack" by the caster? (So if the charmed character's allies are also charmed, and the charmed character SEES them become charmed by the caster, would this be enough to have the charmed character doubt the caster's "friend legitimacy"?

I have my opinions on the matter, but would like an official word from a Alliance Utah Marshal (and please, ONLY a Alliance Utah Marshal) on the matter.


The anwser is no casting another charm will not break the first charm. It will drop only if physicall or spell damage is done. Or a killing blow is attempted. If a death is cast on the victom and is resisted that would break the spell as well. And a prison spell will not because they can be a defensive spell. Nor will leading them into a CoP and leaving them in there.