Choose Our Regent


An In Game Message, distributed by word and voice through the realm from Acting Lord Xi'gaze T'sere:

Make your voice heard about who will rule over you in a highly unusual opportunity with a monarchy!

Before the tragedy, King Malidor Ironbeard's last command was to have the local Council consult with the people of the Realm on a matter of critical importance by the 12th of this month.

We need to select a High Councilor who will be selecting a Regent to rule Dragonhold and advising them until King Malidor is well.

Beyond this crises this individual will be representing Fort Alliance interests on a High Council that consults daily with the Reigning Monarch to be composed of one member from each of the other communities in our Realm: Fort Hammer, Fort Anvil, the Emerald Hills, "The Goblin Woods Fort", and Malidor's Town.

I and other Councilors will continue seeking out individuals one by one to request their suggestions. However please feel empowered to message us at <> or to message me directly through any means you have.

Feel free to ask questions on the message board below, but any mention of names will be deleted.
Replies welcome through tomorrow around noon.