Cinderfel Online Welcome

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Welcome to Cinderfel Interactive!

First I have a couple of rules, there currently is no XP, no physical treasure that can be or will be handed out at this current time. (There may be pay for xp, possible treasure in future). I will be posting weekly about the state of the world and options in each area. If you decide to participate, you need to simply email me at or use the IBGA form. I will post and communicate with everyone via email. Should your actions have far reaching consequences, then it may affect the next world update. Lastly, skills and fighting is limited(damn near impossible), should you wish to attempt either, you are entrusting me to take your skills into account [by letting me know your ranks] and I will roll 2 d20 to see the outcome. If it's against a monster, you each get a d20. If it's skills, I roll a good die and a bad die. This is optional. This may be changed in the future, I am just trying to test and find ways for randomness to happen.

There is one final point, huge plotlines will only happen on field once the plague has passed. But in regards to Cinderfel; the world, it is completely free to investigate and I will be working with minor plotlines and as much personal plot as you want. Since it is free and I am but one writer, I can let you have up to two character submissions in a week. The plan is Sundays will be the world update, and I am also working on a possible discord channel for tavern chat once a month.

If there is anything I can help with to limit your cabin fever with larping, I will do my best.