Cloak an ingested Elixir?


ARB v1.2 Page 107 says a Poison Shield will not stop an Ingested substance, but a Resist Poison will. This is echoed in the description of Poison Shield on page 121.

ARB v1.2 Page 140 says a Cloak acts as a Spell Shield.

A Poison Shield and a Spell Shield act very similar, but the book does not reference each other when describing one or the other.

Can one Cloak an ingested substance?

My head is about to explode.

Can someone please help me with this puzzle?

I'm pretty confident I've heard of people using Cloak/Bane on ingested toxins before, and I believe the reason you can't use a Poison Shield is because of the Layered Defenses rules.

....Dang, though. That actually kinda implies even further that you can't cloak/bane it.

I'd say....just based off the words, you can't cloak/bane it, and previous playing it that way would be wrong. :(
Yes. You can cloak/bane an ingested elixir. Ritual defenses are their own thing. The "works like a Spell Shield" thing is more for newer players to understand the idea. Cloaks work very differently in a number of ways - they can be used at player's choice, before or after other defenses, etc. etc.
Leave it to Chas to reveal the -real- reason for the inquiry.
He is a man of many talents, and cutting to the core of an issue is one of them.

I'm assuming that bane on a potion, would simply act like a cloak since there is no person to bane it back to. Unless it somehow tracked down the person who applied the potion, but that would be weird...
Due to the weirdness, yes, a bane acts like a cloak.
If I can Bane a poison that came from a shattered ball of glass, I'm not sure why I wouldn't be able to Bane it back at the guy pouring it down my throat.

Edit: Oh poo, I just realized we were talking about poisoned food.
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Can you bane a trap back to the trapper? That'd be awesome.
Technically, the trap is delivering the effect, much like poisoned food, so you could Bane it, it just wouldn't do more than a Cloak.