Closing the Kullan Tarina


For those among the adventurers and curious who were unable to find themselves within the pages of the Kullan Tarina, I send these words to note that the threat that presented itself was neutralized by the hard work and high risks taken on by those that stepped into a madman’s stories. While the Author’s original declaration and initial monologs expressed a desire to create hero stories for others, the corrupting nature of nigh unlimited power and his own actions proved otherwise. In the end, he didn’t care about creating heroes but instead wanted only to create a legend that would remain and the only way to accomplish that as a “villain” was by defeating the heroes that challenged his authority. In this, he failed although he may have still accomplished his original desire.

While not intending to belittle anyone’s accomplishments during the gathering, I will not expand into the various stories that had to be resolved in order to move into the “final battle” as I was not witness to them all and stories are best told by those that experienced them. I expect that as one travels, they will hear these new stories told over drinks in various taverns across all of Fortannis. Needless to say, everyone stepped up into the foray and dedicated themselves towards the overall success no matter their rank, position or skillset. Part of that success was in releasing the captive spirits of those awaiting resurrection from various shards. If an increase or surge of resurrections is seen, this may be the direct cause for a least a while.

With the story concluded, the Kullan Tarina was successfully closed and is considered secured by an entity powerful enough to keep everyone else out. The original denizens will continue their own peaceful lives within the pages without the threat of their world being rewritten by this same entity. The Editor and the Author's body were returned to their realm. It is hoped that quiet obscurity will help ease the pain of events through the proper course of time.

If you would like further stories, feel free to visit the Three Headed Dog tavern in Port Elry of the Hireath shard. I’d be happy to spin a yarn or two over drinks.

With regards,

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Well said, Lucian.

Allow me to once again offer my deepest gratitude to all of those that were present within my Kullan Tarina for all the things that they were able to accomplish. Through your actions, the machinations of Simmon Lavendale and Ronan MacLennane were brought to an end and the realm within the book's pages was brought to peace, and I promise that as its guardian, it will remain so. Rest assured knowing that no mortal, dragon, fae, outsider, or anyone else will ever again write in its golden pages under my keen watch. My Kullan Tarina and its Story for the Ages will not have a sequel - this story is as it is, growing and thriving organically through the passage of time rather than by the intervention of interlopers.

Farewell, heroes of Fortannis. You did well, and I am eternally grateful to have met you all, even if it was only for a single day.


The Bookbinder of the Kullan Tarina