CMA Spirit Forge Wylderkin


Seattle Staff
In the Freeplay, if you reset the XP for a wylderkin, it also resets their racials, and all racials become available to select again.

Is this what is intended by 2.0 Spirit Forge? If Zeth Spirit Forged (currently has Resist Spell and Resist Element), would he be able to select all new Racials?

I don't know if that's intentional, and this is in General Discussion because I'm not sure who would answer it.


Alliance Logistics
No, the freeplay reset is unrelated to how the spirit forge and racial transformation work.

Spirit Forge will reset all your skills to 0 ranks, but leave them "learned". A wylderkin can't pick new racials after they have learned two, even if they later lose all ranks in them. Racial Transformation will remove racials entirely, letting you pick new ones.