Codex Elosdi: I pay you money, you tell me stories


Dear friends and colleagues!

I, ironically, reach you through the dream to ask you to aid me in my research. I have been given a task by the Sage's Guild of Barran: to write and complete a codex on Elosdi in all forms. This codex will include information about anatomy, behavior, abilities, life cycle, society (if there is one to speak of), fighting strategies and anything else we can fit in there.

It is an endeavor that will help the entire adventuring community, as well as Barran at large. I am offering Associate status opportunity (we must still go through the hoops) to anyone who aids me in this codex, and outright paying silver (or possibly gold, depending on the quality) for your stories and information. Anything you have learned might be of help! Please contact me by dream, personal missive or however else you wish. I will be listening.

Those who wish to combat Nightmare should take particular interest in this project, as Elosdi are creatures FUELED by Nightmare. My work will benefit you greatly.

Help me make a better tomorrow.

In service,
Tvard Sendall