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  1. Stana

    Stana Scholar Marshal

    Say I'm a spellsword with a staff.

    I have 9th level Signature Spells memorized, Combined Strike, Foundation/Magistarium blow, Potency, Magic Evocation, Oak of the Archmage and Enhanced signature spell High Magic.

    Can I combine all these?

    Celestial Spellsword:
    100 Spell Strike Flame (Oak OR Combined + Enhanced Signature + Potency Flame)
    100 Arcane Strike Flame (Combined + Foundation + Enhanced Signature + Potency Flame)
    90 Spell/Arcane Strike Magic (The above, but with magic evocation, minus potency since Magic isn't an option)

    Earth Spellsword:
    100 Spell Strike Healing (Combined + Enhanced Signature + Potency Healing)
    100 Arcane Strike Healing (Combined + Magistarium + Enhanced Signature + Potency Healing)
    50 Spell Strike Body (Combined + Enhanced Signature + Potency Healing)
    45 Spell Strike Body (Combined + Enhanced Signature - Potency because it doesn't work?)
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  2. Stana

    Stana Scholar Marshal

    Additionally, if they are defended against (as they were signature spells from memory), can I meditate them back?

    EDIT: No, you can't. This is pretty clearly called out and I read past it.
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  3. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Nope, none of those work. Think of it this way:

    A spell is "in memory" if it's memorized and listed on your Battleboard. You can cast it by speaking the incant and throwing it, or manifesting it via High Magic like Spell Augmentation or Elemental Augmentation.

    You can use a spell "in memory" via Combined Strike, but once you're using Combined Strike it's no longer being cast as a spell "in memory" - you've converted it to a Combined Strike spellstrike. Potency won't work on it any more, nor will Enhanced Signature spell.

    - Bryan Gregory
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  4. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter

    I was wondering the same thing but hadn't gotten around to asking yet. I was thinking Combined Strike + Enhanced Signature Spell would make for a good Spellsword pseudo-Slay, but if it doesn't work that way I guess I'll rethink my build.
  5. MooseMasterX

    MooseMasterX Newbie New Hampshire Staff

    I have a similar question in regard to Flexible Casting and United Strike, so figured I'd ask here rather than make a new thread. Could a non signature spell be converted to a signature spell via flexible casting, then used for United Strike, or no because the signature spell is never "in memory"? Given the answer to the previous question I'm guessing the answer is it doesn't work, but wanted to confirm.
  6. Stana

    Stana Scholar Marshal

    Under the Flexible Casting description:
    A spell converted in this way cannot be combined with other skills like United Strike, Combined Strike, Enhanced Strike, or Empowered Strike. The converted spell may be placed into a Spell Store or Memory Strike Ritual.
  7. Videa Logistics

    Videa Logistics Newbie New Hampshire Staff

    So that means I can't meditate back a signature spell that was used for combine strike that misses it's target?
  8. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

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  9. Brooks

    Brooks Newbie

    wait, that doesn't make any sense that you can't meditate back a combine strike or united blow that missed the target.
    For ease sake, all examples are "missed the target"
    Combine strike takes your per day skill, and makes it a spell strike. that missed the target. The spell gets converted to a weapon attack, missed weapon attacks can be meditated back. I can see how cause of the "memory" aspect, it can be tricky

    United blow, just converts your spell to +damage. If that misses, it really is a per day weapon skill that missed.

    plus if it is true that you can't meditate united blow/combinded strike, it sure adds a lot of complexety to a game that is trying to be less complex.
  10. I'm also of the opinion that Meditating back a missed Foundation/Magisterium Strike spell is allowed. These skills change the delivery, but nothing else about the spell, so if you can Meditate back a spell you missed if you threw it as a packet, you should also be able to Meditate back a spell you missed if you swung it with a sword.

    United Blow is a bit more iffy, but I see it as the spell being converted in a similar manner to Flexible Casting; you can Meditate back the original spell if you miss with a Flexible Casting packet, so I don't see why United Blow would be different.
  11. Feldor

    Feldor Scholar

    I think I agree with Sage, but with a slightly different rational. I think United Blow and Combined Strike are doing equivalent things when swung for body. I think Combined Strike pretty clearly follows the pattern established by Foundation&Magisterium Strike when swung for 'spell strike healing'. It would seem very counter intuitive for Combined Strike to have different conditions under which it could allow meditation back. So even though United Blow is a step further down the chain, there's nothing to indicate the 'can be meditated back' state shouldn't be transitive from Foundation/Magisterium Strike.
  12. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    Now that I know that Emp Strike allows Meditation of the spell back, per the description, I’d be of the agreement that you could med back the spell with either CS or FS/MS.

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