Coming Back to town.



I am sorry to interrupt the dreamtalk, but I think that is the name I heard.

My name is Zara Bloodrunner, sensei, and I have been told many great tales about you by Tetsu, Ocean, and Laguna. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you in person soon. If you would have me, I would be a most eager student of such potent tutelage.

And -- while you're thinking about forging lethal weapons.. I strongly recommend something that will be particularly effective for nightmares, if nothing else. They are kind of total buttholes around here so it will go to great use.

And to everyone else talking it up in this dream: I look forward to seeing you all on the field again.

Air Raksa

Zara Bloodrunner

If my nephew, my personal-healer and a fine specimen such as Laguna speak for you: then I look forward to meeting you. There are thing' that need to be discussed and my Dojo is not yet officially recognized in these land'.

We will meet soon, prepare yourself.



Well then, this should be interesting. It has been a long while, I look forward to seeing you again. I somehow doubt you need it but wherever I am staying there will be a ward and a welcome for you. I am sure we will have some catching up to do...if you have the time to spare.

Simon Neville


Gettysburg Staff
Santet ... Santet.

Yes, that name is new, but the voice comes from so long ago. So long ago.

I wonder did the mistwalkers know what they've brought upon their world. Ha ha, we shall see.


Air Raksa

Simon, I appreciate the offer of the ward, I think I have one lined up already. I have alway' have time to spare for an old comrade-in-arm', It will be good to see you again and share story'.

Noldrik, I thought you died in Vandlar, I can't believe you're still alive! I never got to buy you a drink for helping me and Gaara fight those Pantherghast' and One Sword Dragon Mage-Guy. First round is on me; my elder.

I hope everybody dreaming here remember' to buy something from Master Jehyu... like even if it is a shield or some Battle Magic scroll'... never can have too many disarm scroll'...



Okay, I've ordered all the supplies for my workshop, so if anyone needs anything else we'll have to hope it's in my box. I'm really low on healing stuff right now, but I have some scrolls, and a number of weapons and other blacksmithing type things.

As a reminder if you are interested and you find any of the special ingrediants (mostly things like toad stolls, flowers, minerals and pigment/inks) I'll buy or trade you for them. (You get more if you want to trade for stuff I make obviously than hard coin) or I can make you stuff from them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and um...hopefully someone has a bunk they aren't using I could stay at?