Commander's Office, June 27, 2pm

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Dramm a'dan

Sitting in his office staring out the window at the ruined section of the castle, the Commander is in deep thought. The strain of the past years events are starting to show on his face.

King Ulrich wishes to establish outposts along the King’s Road between Calanhelm and Carrasville to help make the trade route secure. At the time that was a great idea. It’s been a struggle ever since.

The Colonel wanders off on his own little patrol only to get ambushed and killed, somehow his spirit gets trapped and he cannot Resurrect and needs his spirit rescued. The King disappears on another of his traipses.

Than Colonel goes on yet another special mission and disappears, leaving Dunbow to command the whole Homeguard for the realm.

The King returns, apparently having infiltrated the army of Kara Vale for some sword hilt they’ve both been searching for. Kara Vale retaliates with over whelming numbers, forcing Az’Caine to teleport them both to a safe dimensional pocket, only to have his majesty found by the Syndicate from Duskholme and taken prisoner.

Winter rolls in making the “Hero’s” of Parson’s Breach return to the capital. Following them back, a pack of Werewolves, who set up residence in the sewers causing terror throughout the long cold nights.

A plot to kill Az’Caine and a threat against the Duchess Victoria’s life comes to light. The worst part, it originated with in the Homeguard stationed at Parson’s Breach. After the trials and executions of the traitors I’m forced to promote the only form of leadership left at the Breach, Mar.

With the spring comes news that the Dark Reaches is starting to stir. Taking a deep breath and pinching the bridge of his nose, Dunbow slowly exhales. The threat from the Dark Reaches forced him to send three more companies of troops to the north east, striping some of his established units pretty bare.

Returning to the Breach, the residents conduct a raid into the Fey Realm to rescue the King, in doing so they kicked the hornet’s nest. They succeeded in getting the King back but hot on their heels was the Syndicate.

Az’Caine discovers a magical item attached to the King, while trying to remove the ring, he destroys a portion of the castle, and sends a shock wave that shook the kingdom to all four corners. After a second attempted they got the ring off and were able to purify the King of the poison. Or so we thought, no one really knew what the long term exposure to the poison would do to a person. The King is now in a secure location and is being tended to by the gypsie Nadji.

Then I get a distress alarm that the Colonel has been found. Of all places, he’s being tortured by goblins outside of Parson’s Breach. Mounting a rescue I lead the battle with the aid of most of the Heroes of Parsons. Once rescued, the colonel rambled on about the Biata Vampire DAM and some coin. The coin was found, but no indication of the location of the Vampire was ever extracted from it.

Turning back to his desk he re-reads the letters before him. You don’t have to be a seer to know the gathering storm clouds are going to darken the skies before the light will shine on us again. With a heavy sigh the Commander signs three of the letters, pausing at the final letter he stares at it. “I’m sorry my friend,” he signs it, seals all four letters and leaves his office.

“I’ll be delivering reports to Az’Caine at the Sanctum for the rest of the day,” he says to Cpl. Greenmore exiting the room.

“Yes sir” replies the Cpl, watching the Cmd leave. Concerned he’s never seen the Commander like this before.
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