Jesse Grabowski

Denver Staff
Hey folks,

As I look at some of the FB posts and other things, I am reminded that we are a very diverse community with very different backgrounds.

We have folks who have never larped before and are new to this whole crazy hobby.
We have folks who have larped in other games, with different expectations and requirements.
We have folks who have larped out of state in Alliance, with different community standards and expectations.
We have folks who have larped in Utah a few times before and may or may not know each other.
We have folks who have larped in Utah A LOT and may know many members in the community, for better or worse.

Wherever you find yourself, I want everyone to know that from this point forward, WE are building this new community together, and everyone has a clean slate from the perspective of the staff. How you present yourself and your actions from this moment forward will forever be remembered within our community.

We have a zero tolerance policy for shenanigans. Negativity, Condescension, Bias, Discrimination, Bullying, Rudeness, and poor sportsmanship all have no place in Alliance Larp.

Let's make this new chapter the best it can be. Ask yourself how you can contribute to being helpful towards your fellow larpers and bringing something positive to our game that will help foster amazing ROLE-Play moments for us all to enjoy.

In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other!



Party on dudes