Concerning our local Tompten


To our local Tompten,
In my childhood, I knew tales of the tomte but I never knew them to be real. I grew up in a traveling caravan, and we never had any. If I had known you were present in my Lady's tavern I would have made julegrøt with butter for your kind upon Yule, but it seems I have been remiss. I shall put some out this year. How many bowls should I set out? Until then, I hope you will continue to enjoy the tea I set out, especially as the winter gets colder. If you have a specific mug or cup you favor, could you let me know by marking it as such or telling me so that I might not confuse it with other tavern guests? It helps me to know that it is for you.
Additionally, if you are willing and amenable, I'd love exchange stories of our people for yours with you.

Awwwww... little sweet tea creature. I'll get a cup that's super special just for them sweet leaf juices. Take good care of my home and I'll take care of all my little creatures. Yeahhh you good, I said it, now smile and take a cookie. Leave out my little gift and an offering over night and I'll be sure to show.

With all that sweet love,
Nit your Tomte