Confused about Character Creation


Hello. I am relatively new to alliance LARP. I have read the rulebook, and currently wondering how to set up a character. Is there a website I should visit, or do I create a character when I show up to the event?


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Okay, I tried the site. I am wondering if there is a button I must press to submit the character, or if there is another way of doing it. Also, Is there a way to "delete" characters? I wanted to build a templar character but I didn't have that class listed, so I was wondering if it's possible to delete that character. The site was helpful though.


There's no button to submit a character. Just register for an event with it when you're ready.

In the "Manage Character" section of the character sheet, there is an option to discard the character.

The Templar class was renamed "Spellsword" in 2.0. You can change your character's class at any time by clicking on the class name on the character sheet, as long as you qualify for the new class.

If you're experimenting with builds, it's best to do that on the freeplay site, since you can freely reset your skills or change your XP total. Characters in the main database can't be changed as easily once you've made selections.