"Consolidating" Multiple MIs into One?

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
When I was originally reading through the MI conversion info, I somehow missed this line: “A Batch may be moved to a new target, but if you do this you must move the whole Batch”. I knew about being able to split things off if you targeted a different item type (Sword to Source, etc.), but I hadn’t seen that you could switch an entire batch over to any other item as long as you didn’t split it up.

That said, is there any reason that I can't “consolidate” several small batches from several small items onto one singular item as long as the batches are handled separately point-wise?

For example: Imagine I have 10 items worth 300 points each. Can I move the effects from the 10 items to 1 item that will then have 10 separate batches of 300 points (NOT 3000 points - I know that I cannot combine the 10 batches)?

The different batches on the single item will have assorted different durations and whatnot, but I would much rather have 2-3 bigger items/tags rather than having to wrangle 20 different little items/tags.



Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
Yep, that can be done as you describe, just make sure to keep the batches separate.

As always, ARC strongly recommends keeping each batch on its own separate tag (using the same physrep #, or different physrep #s so long as all physrep #s are on the item itself) for a variety of reasons.

-Bryan Gregory


Gettysburg Staff
Would each batch count as a single target for a destroy magic or would the item be one target?

Or is it someone’s choice?