Consolodation of National Staff and Bylaws Update

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Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: This vote will change the way we reference our national committee leads (now Chief [Committee Name] Officer) as well as the management group to which all Chief Officers report. This update also alters the way in which the CTO specifically interacts with the organization bringing them in line with the rest of the Chief Officers - bylaws update to follow

Vote: Bylaws Update: All current Leads will become Chief Officers, Chief Officers will fall under GM [Pass]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, Chicago, Atlanta, New Hampshire, Gettysburg, Las Vegas
The following chapters voted against this policy: none

Synopsis of conversations: The only conversation on this topic was in regards to clarifying what happens to the CTO, and commentary around the current staffing levels being sufficient to manage a larger staff.
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