Traverse City Staff
Our new web site is almost finished, we just need a few more tweaks and it will be done.
One of these tweaks is a new URL name. We have done alot of promoting online and word of mouth and have found people are turned away form the site because they think we are associated with WOW (World Of Warcraft). :tears: We will still keep the Alliance name in the site and all of the info to as that is who we are.
Now to the good part. A contest of names is in order to rename the Traverse City chapters URL, you may post as many names as you like and we will pick the best. :whaa: The prize will be announced at the mid way point of the contest. The name that we choose and is able to be used,(so that means in good taste and not currently being used by someone else) will be the winner. The contest will run from now Nov 1st 2011 to Dec 1st 2011.
So hurry up and post your winning answer before someone else does, and please be kind to your fellow gamers and check back often to make sure no one else has posted your idea first. :shades:

Too long?
How about "Realms of Arden" or "Campaigns" or maybe "Wayfarers of Northern Mich", or even "Conclave".

There is always "NoMi, yes we have asslings!"

Ohhh I really like the!

General Manager of Alliance Traverse City
A prize has been decided... or to be more precise a prize package!! The following is what you can look forward to if you win this awesome contest :D:

100 gobbies
A 1yr 1/day magic item
A place in our campaign named after you or you get to name. (landmark, tavern, city, etc... )
An IG prestige item (examples of past items; Pegasus, Dragon Egg, etc... )

And for those who participate in our economics package we have also included:

A white clout token added to your econ package
An econ upgrade of your choice (valued at 10g)

Keep submitting those names, you have just over a week left to win this prize package!
Thanks to all!!
I demand my Drakenfist Inn!

how about:
or my favorite - play on words, my larp.....doh, I just saw Allard already has this one on lock down so I guess my variation would be or - MultiMassiveRealLifeRolePlayGaming!!!! like a FanTC or
The contest is officially over and we will be announcing the winner once we have had a chance to determine which one of these great ideas we like the most. There are so many good ones it may take a little time, please be patient.

Look for the announcement here! and thank you all for your great!! ideas!

Our new website will be

Congratulations Joe Convery on your name winning our contest!!!! :D

Along with our winner we also have a few honorable mentions whose names made our condensed list. They are:

Mason Allard
Jon Ball
Anique Puckett
Rob Ordiway
Dave Glaeser

We would like to thank these honorable mentions by allowing them to pick 2 things from the prize list.
Please contact me when you are ready to claim your prizes.

Thank you all for the great names!! We appreciate everyone's input.
There was much rejoicing.....yeah....

but seriously, thanks everyone.
I might have gone with something like:


Just to be funny of course... cause most larps for us are in BFE. :D

A bunch of interesting ideas though guys. Sorry I missed it.