Contracting with the Clothiers

Due to the nature of our business as Clothiers, the clothiers will now be implementing a new contracting rule on which how business will be conducted. As one can imagine gathering supplies can vary land to land and time of season and availability. As well as the time it takes for paws to make such wares can take a bit of time to sew and care for is a consideration. In short, it takes resource and time to craft wares but we, as clothiers, are happy and delighted to do so.

However, we must give a broad estimate on wares because, to be straight, we are unsure how long or how much the resource cost to craft a custom order. The more specific you get, the broader the estimate but we do make it very reasonable. So will now be contracting and requiring a small deposit for some of our orders.

The orders will include: size custom, team wear, specific fur/scaled/feathered/ect taxidermy(oog: racial, like kin:sarr:ect items that are very specific that have very little or hard resale value), or igsignia requested items. As well as any items we feel are hard to resale or have little resale value due to the custom order. The deposit will be discussed at contract time and will not be refundable. The deposit will cover resource costs.

Example if the estimate for a single tabard is 8-15 gold of two-tone color with a stencil crest and the tabard is double layered. We will require a 6 gold deposit and a contract.

Please do not be eerie of the clothiers due to the new contracting rule, but people do die, go missing, or drop deals. So this is to cover at least the costs for the resource.

We are also now in our contracting open to deposits made of items of value as well discussed upon contracting.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss further. Please understand that this is a must now for this guild to function and grow.

Thank you,
The clothiers/leatherworkers