Costuming Questions for New Player


I like the goal and drive of your costuming. The problem you will run into is the fact that you are going Templar which has a armor max of 25 pts without any WEA bought. I am working on converting a Fighter to Templar and had to buy WEA x2. A steel chest plate with a leather back, steel grieves, and leather bracers nabbed me 27 points after MC and IG. Don't let this kill your goal. Just keep in mind you may be able to go a bit cheaper in some areas to still reach your max armor. That my save you a little $ for embellishments to really make your costume your own.


My PC character is starting off fighter and I'll be doing some npcing which will set me up with a good amount of goblin points/stamps. I also tend to turtle when it comes to character conversion as i typically build in a manner that sets me up to not suffer a huge stat drop when i change. By the time I convert I will probably have enough build points for some wear extra armor investments. I will pass these suggestions to my brother though as he is building as a rogue.
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For a rogue, I can't help but preach the benefits of padded cloth armor. Throw on a belted gambeson with half sleeves and a knee length hem for 8 easy points, 4 more for leather bracers and greaves, and you're sitting at 12 points of armor that's light and doesn't rattle or creak. Probably 18 after bonus if it's well made and looks medievalish.

Stud that cloth with metal rivets 1" on center and you could call it 20 before bonus, 26 max after.

Adding a helm would get more points quickly, but I personally don't like the way they mess with my hearing and peripheral vision.

Edit : Yeah, skip the greathelm. All of our system is based on verbal call and response, so wearing something that you can't hear clearly in is a bad call.
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I'm seconding (or thirding???) not using a greathelm. It sounds awesome, and it looks cool, but you're going to learn that not having the vision or hearing will greatly impact your game. Very few people wear helmets in our game for these very reasons.

Not to be a jerk, of course. If you want to wear it, wear it. Just that you should be aware of how it might affect you during game play.




If those are actually 1/4" inner diameter like the listing claims, then those are probably 18ga. Again, though, it's hard to tell from a picture. Unless you have calipers, there's not a particularly easy way to measure it.