Crafting Help


Hello folks,

I have not seen this thread in this forum yet so I thought I would begin one for us noobs who need help with crafting gear.

I wanted to ask a question in regards to crafting, specifically, the best way to attached the straps on the shield I am making. The rule book states no bolts are to be used, so what can be used so that the straps do not fall off during the 1st encounter?

Lorne "Biester Tal"
I believe it's more you need the screws with the round half-sphere heads; that way, they don't cause scraping or cuts.

I thought as much, but wanted to ask before I spend money / time and effort to make my shield and then to have it rejected at tag in due to my strap connections.

Lorne "Biester Tal"
we used leather rivets on the NPCs ones and they hold remarkably well. It really depends on thickness of the shield and your straps.
The shield is approximately 1/4 - 5/16 puck board with 1/8" leather straps. I was considering using either pan headed bolts surface mounted or V headed bolts counter sunk into the shield surface and bolted short on the handles. Looking at also possibly covering the facing with thin leather or foam and reverse wrapping the handles under the foam on the back.