Craftsman Rules Reminders


Craftsman Reminders:

The only thing the Craftsman is supposed to do is give you 1 Silver per Logistics Period. It is not supposed to have any mechanical effect.

Local Plot Members and Plot Teams may choose to give or gate additional information, opportunities challenges or encounters for or behind Craftsman.

This is always on a case by case circumstance and having an extra option offered by Plot one time doesn't mean it can be asked for or will be available all the time

Soon there will be CMA functionality that allows the editing of Craftsman skills' names. We've looked through everyone's and know which will need that.

So, before Season 3 Episode 1, if you have a Craftsman skill, you may receive an email asking you questions about how your skill makes money (remember that Craftsman: Lazybones' isn't valid) or notice that were correcting a misspelling.

If you do not receive an email than your Craftsman skills perfect.

Going forward please communicate with myself ( or Head of Plot (2020- Josh Reynolds) before taking new Craftsman skills that's aren't an obvious proffesion / listed in the book.

Best wishes, we're excited to tell story's about your unique Craftsmans.