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The original post is from Alliance LARP Denver:
Hey all,

I've been working on a tool in Google Docs to help with keeping track of build on characters, and I think it's finally ready for public release. It's based on Matt's Alliance_Class_Compare.xls, but with a bunch more features.

Partial feature list:
  • Can enter build totals directly, or track your character's experience through event attendance, without the rounding errors that usually come with estimating by hand.
  • Color coding to let you know if you can buy an instance of the skill at hand
  • Damage sheet for easy reference
  • Race discounts, penalties, and restrictions accurately reflected
  • Prerequisites calculated
  • Spell pyramid validation
  • Check for skills that are contained within other skills
  • Check for more than maximum number allowed of a certain skill

  • Go to the spreadsheet at
  • In the Google Spreadsheet File menu, click "Make a copy..."
  • Keep track of each character's stats on a new copy
  • Choose your character's race and class first, as that will affect skill costs. Don't worry, you can always change them later
  • If you want to keep track of your character's experience through event attendance, and be able to predict how much build you'll get for a given event, you can use the Experience sheet, and put your initial XP at the top. If you just wish to type your build manually, you can ignore that sheet entirely, and use the "Build Override" field on the Build sheet.
  • Start entering skill purchases in the "#Purch" column.

I've tried to make it as intuitive as possible, so hopefully the rest is self-explanatory. Let me know in this thread if you have any questions, notice something that seems incorrect, or have a suggestion for improvement.

Here are some other notes that may help you out with usage:
  • Color codes are as follows: (Red: too many purchases, White: May not purchase, perhaps due to prerequisites or perhaps due to other reasons, Green: May purchase, Yellow: could purchase with more build.)
  • If you would like to access this offline (without needing an Internet connection), you can install Google Drive and the spreadsheet app with Chrome. As far as I can tell, you should be able to also download the file as a Microsoft Excel file and it should work, but I do not have Excel myself. Downloading it as an OpenOffice spreadsheet currently does not work.
  • Greyed-out fields are calculated values that will change depending on your inputs. Any cell with just a border around it is intended to be edited.
  • The Production sheet is just for reference, and is not used in any calculations.
  • The 7 columns in the middle of the Build sheet will show you how much build you would have free if you had any given class, as well as your body total, so you can make decisions about fluidly switching classes if you want.
Quick link to the spreadsheet itself

  • 1.0 - Initial public release
  • 1.01 - Switched places for Legerdemain and Herbal Lore. Thanks Jamie!
  • 1.02 - Rearranged build totals so they were correct for all classes. Thanks Brian!
  • 1.03 - Added prerequisites for crafting skills. Thanks again Brian!
  • 1.04 - Base damage for claws is now 2, according to ARB p59, rather than the chart on ARB p82. Thanks Matt!
  • 1.05 - Racial Proficiencies are now counted for the purposes of Proficiency prerequisites. Thanks Evan!
  • 1.06 - Half-cost skills now correctly rounds up. Thanks Kyle!
  • 1.07 - Weapon Master no longer contains ranged weapons, and Blacksmith is no longer reduced for High Ogres. Thanks Norman!
  • 1.08 - Gypsy Curse can now be purchased more than once. Thanks Roy!
  • 1.09 - Claws now counts as a weapon skill for the purposes of buying profs and whatnot. Thanks Sori!
  • 1.10 - Rogue primary school costs are now correct. Thanks Kyle!
  • 1.11 - Updated weapon and pyramid functions to be correct with the new Google Sheets. Thanks Cass!
  • 1.12 - Changed spell skill rows to be labeled based on your current primary school. Credit to Bilgewat3r for the suggestion.
  • 1.13 - Fixed helper colors associated with skill containment, and added a validation message if you overspend your build. Thanks Bilgewat3r!
  • 1.14 - Improved validation message when you have an invalid pyramid. Added wands to the damage helper. Credit to IMoriarty for the suggestion.
To Update:
  • Follow the instructions above for creating a new spreadsheet.
  • Open your old spreadsheet in a new tab
  • Copy your data (anything unshaded with a border) from the old version to the new one
  • If the old version is 1.0, make sure your buys for Legerdemain and Herbal Lore are correct
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Hey, can someone help me and check to see if I entered this info correct into the database? I have a few images of what I entered. I just need someone to tell me if I entered it correctly. Thanks! -Rachelle

Lia Lonalys

There is an error in this sheet. Not sure who made it but the build doesn't calculate correctly for Fighter. Friend tried to make a character, and it SAYS in the fighter column what the values should be, but does not change them. sadfish.