Crossbow question and quiver size?

So, with my prior experience in LARP melee has been pretty much out of the question. I'm missing fingers on both hands and I get disarmed in a few hits no matter what. So I'm planning to use a crossbow if I can build one, and/or spells, since melee for me is a matter of dying in 3 swings, or like, 7. I know weapon builds are more of local chapter specific for the final say, but I'm curious if mounting the quiver to the crossbow like this is generally legal:

I'm planning to build a removable quiver on top of the crossbow that can hold packets, theoretically giving me the touch action at the same time I pull one out. This will also help since I can't hold multiple packets in one hand. I'm excited by the dark elf makeup change and I plan to play one, but is this still too "advanced" or would it be "elf-ish" enough in this setting?

Followup, the rulebook says 64" volume with no less than 1" in any dimension for a quiver, and I am spectacularly bad at math and spacial reasoning. If I wanted it to be about 12" long, 2-4" wide, how tall would it have to be? Can anyone provide some sample dimensions?


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So, I’d probably say yes to mounting the quiver rep to the crossbow, but no to actually putting packets in it, but I’d have to see it to really give you a yes/no.

I could see some neat stuff with making a bunch of them and then having them velcro on to the body of the actual crossbow.


Volume = height x length x width


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12” long, 4” wide, you’d need just a bit over 1” to make 64”. 1.5” puts you at 72”.

Regarding the crossbow build itself, I’d have no real issue with the quiver holding the bolts, though I would object to the attempt to bypass the separate touch action. I’d be okay with you drawing bolt from it, touching, then shooting. To echo Tieran, however, I would also want to see it before I made a final call.


So your "quiver" for carrying arrow capacity doesn't need to be where you carry your packets. One thing I've done is create a packet vest, which is a small vest with loops of elastic sewn vertically in to hold packets. I tend to use it for "now I'm going to war" type situations where I wanted more packets quickly available than I could hold in one hand, but there is no reason why it'd not work as daily wear. And since it holds packets individually it lets you pull one at a time.
Thanks everyone! I'm going to just make the thing and have a bag ready in case having them on the phys rep is a no-no in Denver.