Cryers Corner: August event Proclamations and News from around the land

OOG: pay attention to this thread as random proclamations will be made such as this tidbit:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

It is with great joy that the current leadership is able to announce the freedom of the Lands of Corrheim from the overgrowth that has plagued all the lands.

All Hail those who call themselves the Court of Corrheim, who have empowered the Watchstone and proven their heart is with the lands.

All Hail Sir Marcusgrimm Anvilstrike, chosen to further lead the lands by the Watchstone and continues to bear the Landbond.

Its is requested by Dame Hayden Romwing for Sir Marcusgrimm Anvilstrike meet her at the gather in the Ash Forest to discuss the future of Corrheim.