Cure for the Curse

Lanna Rose

This information is for all.

We have found a cure for the curse for stages one and two.

Stage One
Mix the following together well

Remove weakness Potion
Sleep potion or elixer
Antidote elixer

Serve immediately to the afflicted person.

Stage two
Mix the following in a gold cup with a glacier ice cube

Remove weakness Potion
Sleep potion or elixer
Antidote elixer

After mixing cast a remove curse spell on the cup

Serve immediately to the afflicted person

Unfortunately at stage three there is no cure. Resurrection is no guarantee to cure an afflicted person.

To keep the curse from progressing you must NOT eat flesh of a sentient being. If you do this the curse will move from stage one to stage two.

The curse cure is avalible at the Wyndael Manor House. Please seek me out and I will administer the cure at no cost.

If you are an alchemist or potion maker of skill you will be able to mix the cure as well. Please administer the cure to those in need of it.

If you come across the items needed to make the cure please bring it to House Wyndael. We need the help of all to make sure everyone can be cured.

Thank for all your future help.



It is imperative to note, also, that so far only a Master Alchemist or a Master Potion maker has been able to successfully mix the concoction without destroying the materials. Caution is urged, do no waste incredients!

High Magnate Ryatt