Custom Wooden Sources, Jewelry, and more!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
I'm Alexander, and for the many non-Midwest players that don't know me, making props is kinda my thing.

In the wake of the recent rules clarification on Sources, I find myself in the mood to offer some of my crafting services to the widespread Alliance community. Looking for a fancy, personalized Channeling Source rep? I personally love the idea of using a large pendant/amulet/talisman for a Source, and I'd love to make you one as well!

Check out these examples of the kinds of Source amulets I could make you!

These are made from laser-engraved hardwood (one natural walnut wood, one painted poplar wood). They're durable, beautiful, unique, come in any shape you want, and can have whatever you want on them! Runes, knotwork, symbols, guild crests, words - the sky's the limit!

Of course, big ol' Source amulets aren't the only thing I can offer - I can also make other custom wooden jewelry as well! Maybe you're looking for matching pendants for all the members of your guild to wear, for example. I can make those things and more happen!

Pricing will vary depending on size, material, design time, etc., but I always try to make my prices as reasonable as possible.

Have questions? Want to order something? Post here or send me a message, and I'd be glad to work with you! :)
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