Dark Elf makeup question


I myself adapted the use of an airbrush that works perfectly, I spent the whole event and only had to touch up my hands and neck. I use mehron Hair White for my hair (but I use a head wrap for now) and I have a little brush that I do for my facial hair, and it looks amazing. I got some charcaol powder that I intend to use under my eyes and plan to get some eye shadow so I can keep the spray from my eyes ( it stings a lot) and probably some black lipstick so I can eat things better.

If your interested I could do my airbrush on you next weekend.


black eyeliner works well on your lips, however it dries them out pretty good. stays pretty good even through eating. You will need chapstick after the event.


shyacorak said:
black eyeliner works well on your lips, however it dries them out pretty good. stays pretty good even through eating. You will need chapstick after the event.
I'm going to stay away from things drying my lips, they get bad during winter months as is. I'm going to stick to probably black lipstick and I can just have it on me and reapply as I go. (wont that be a funny sight)


I'm also late to the party, but here you go:

I usually go airbrush mehron since I don't sweat that much, but a friend of mine showed me his method for dark elf make-up which surpasses anyhing I've seen previously. It involves using layers -- a layer of mehron, a layer of wet charcoal, and a layer of dry charcoal. This creates a matte effect and loses the shinyness of having straight of mehron airbrushed or sponge applied, and it literally does not come off unless you are scrubbing in the shower -- this includes using the make up on your hands and fingers. I had no fear of anything rubbing off.

It was awesome in the summer; I did not have any issues. Not that I really love playing my dark elf in the summer to begin with.


When I used my airbrush with just the one layer I had no problem with rub off...say for a minor touchup in the morning due to my constant moving while I sleep.
The only problem is not one answer is the best because each person skin can react differently.


Can someone link to this charcoal makup? I found some stuff online, but want to make sure I know what is being referred to.

The lip makeup he was talking about is called LarPAX and is sold by Lyonshel, however their website seems to be down at the moment. Not sure if he's closing up shop or just doing updates. I hope it's the latter as I prefer his LarPAX adhesive to Spirit Gum. And no, NorthFur doesn't sell the paint/adhesives, just his masks.


NorthFur FX bought out the production of Lyonshel, so that's not an option unfortunately.


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LarPAX adhesive is just watered down and re-bottled Pros-Aide (www.pros-aide.com/original.htm), any shop that sells clown/stage supplies should have it.


Any suggestions for getting the black makeup out of your fingernail beds?

I've been scrubbing all week and its still there, heh :D
Dr_Chill said:
Any suggestions for getting the black makeup out of your fingernail beds?

I've been scrubbing all week and its still there, heh :D
Wear gloves.

I never put makeup on my hands, instead using baseball batting gloves in black. If you get a half decent pair, you can pretty much do anything in them you can do with ungloved hands. You can definitely fight, throw packets and eat with them on.

If that's not your cup of tea, you can always try shampoo. I find shampoo takes off DE makeup better than soap.

I agree I've never pained my hands. Gloves are annoying sometimes but seem infinitely better than makeup under the fingernails... :wacko:
There are several additives that are used by pro airbrush artists to keep liquid makeup from sweating off. The nice part is that it can be sponged on just as easily and still holds.
I usually buy mine here: http://www.fxsupply.com/
Another trick has already been pointed out and was used by the artists at the haunted house is a couple of layers of hairspray over the makeup to keep cohesion.
On the topic of hairspray, you can use the colored stuff for a good base as well, it just takes longer to scrub off


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I just have to add my 2 cents here, because that is what I do! Lol.

So the LARP I play here in Utah has a bunch of Dark Elves in it (8-13 of them pending on the game day or event). They have one guy who used the airbrush to some stunning effect. He also happens to be our Special FX guy at the haunted house. However, one day he forgot his airbrush and paints (or his wife did something to them. I forget it was so long ago) but he went to our local costume shop and purchased a can of black hair spray. He then had all the dark elves take some "Blistex" (the lip balm used to make your lips moist and protect them from the suns rays) and applied it on our "T-Zone". (T-zone = Above eyebrows, down the nose and over the lips). Then he just sprayed the players down. It was cheap (.99 cents to do... I think 9 people at the time?) and it looked amazing. The skin did not look greasy, but smooth (an effect I prefer for my dark elf modules) and because of the lip balm it didn't dry out the face.

As for the sweat issue, well... I am a bigger guy. But even in my glory days of 185 lbs, I still sweat a lot. Then JP of all people, (I use him a lot in my stories. Not because I idolize him or anything, but because he had a ton of useful ideas) got me hooked on Bandanas and Headbands. Now I don't know if he was just bringing us a fashion statement or if he knew what it did for sweaty guys like me... but it helped with the sweat! It literally absorbs the dampness and keeps from ruining your overall face makeup. Now understand that anything under the cloth will get smudged and fade away. And the cloth won't keep ALL moisture in. Especially after a couple of hours.

Eh, hope I am somewhat useful here lol.

Paul Iverson

PS: GREAT Idea on the white cake makeup mixed with gel... never would have thought of that! I can't wait to tell the Dark Elf players here in Utah.


While the majority of the original questions have been answered over this thread's year+ lifetime, a few things I've found of late make things easier and more bearable in the make-up department.

First, if your hair is short, Joico has a product called 'Spikerz,' which is a colored hair glue. As with other hair glues, it's extremely resilient and tough. Unlike putting make-up in your hair (Including Mehron and Ben Nye 'Hair Whites'), it won't flake when the occasional projectile, weapon, or tree branch hits it. This comes in white, and lasts quite a while. For darker hair, I suggest mixing the application with the aforementioned Hair White product from your favorite manufacturer. (Amazon has it located here.)

Second, for arms and hands, there's a new-ish combination of items that has made it much easier for higher temperature events that can allow lighter items to be worn atop clothing. No doubt, most have used Under Armor products to keep heat down and the like, but with the increased onset of Compression and Running sleeves, I've had the opportunity to test out a couple over a recent long event in rather ... warm temperatures (California's Long Event in July, specifically).

I tried out the McDavid Compression Arm Sleeve and the Nike Pro Basketball Player's Sleeve. Overall, I preferred the Nike Pro Sleeve better. It provided longer length (And thus, coverage) without being overly tight. Differences are pretty minimal, the McDavid product is more a glossy black while the Nike sleeve is a flat tone, but has subtle designs on it. Easily overlooked, overall, though. One mistake not to make with either of these, regardless of your preference, is to not leave them on overnight. Nothing overly bad, just a very... weird feeling in the morning. Like leaving socks that are a little too small on over night. Just weird.

And, combine either of these with something like these gloves (And a couple safety pins in discrete locations), and you've got a complete arm without a bit of make-up on them to clean up later. I paired the combination up with Under Armour's sleeveless compression shirt, and garb over the top. Excepting the height of long term combat, temperatures didn't get too unbearable.

As far as make-up goes, you'll take the Mehron Charred Ash specialty powder from my cold, dead hands. Combine that with Barrier Spray and everthing else is a cinch afterwards.


My trick for getting makeup out from under my fingernails and around my cuticles? Hydrogen peroxide. It tickles like MAD, but the bubbling action helps get the makeup out.

Also, fwiw, I use charcoal powder for my makeup, and it doesn't sweat off. It will rub off a bit on my nose, but is easy to touch up.