Dead Man's Hand Favorites


This weekend was an absolute blast and we all hope you enjoyed it as well! What were some of your favorite moments?

Just a few of mine:
- The energy and fun of watching Sarah and Derek showcase the best of Rathfall during the Free Cruise mod.
- People really digging into the puzzles and sharing solving them.
- The mechanics of the dragon and Greed Anima on the final town mod and how cool they looked in the dark.
- The Constructs on the stealth mod and how they will fully haunt my dreams for a while.

Tell us yours!
This weekend was an absolute blast and we all hope you enjoyed it as well! What were some of your favorite moments?

Just a few of mine:
- The energy and fun of watching Sarah and Derek showcase the best of Rathfall during the Free Cruise mod.
- People really digging into the puzzles and sharing solving them.
- The mechanics of the dragon and Greed Anima on the final town mod and how cool they looked in the dark.
- The Constructs on the stealth mod and how they will fully haunt my dreams for a while.

Tell us yours!

How dare my Moon Magic anime inspited garb not immediately make your list!!!!

😉 😘 Amanda

ok this event was amazing for me! First of all it’s one of the longest my real life has let me stay!

* seeing Lorelie with a wave gem design nearly made me cry in happiness and all the moon stuff was amazing!!! I really love when players pick up something in a story and just LOVE it so much the get excited and show it!!!

*The fashion mod! And basically Alex! Alex invited me to co create some mods this weekend and was good at being like “uhh no… that’s not gonna work” and then also like “oh yeah great idea!” And then having him take on leadership in the mod let me relax into it and just PLAY - team beta!!!! Watching James and Nate work the ”runway” way amazing!

* Anyone who played 50/50 with me but especially Rengar! it was fun to have that take an unexpected twist and have you roll with that! Isabo and Dramathin did a great job as following that around trying to see where it all went lol- I’m Brittany Betch!

* playing Darcy on the travel mod with all my new best friends! doing side deals with Star

* Calliope was a favorite moment for rolling with my need to change timing due to exhaustion and being just a great sport about some story stuff coming a little later

* The dice greed boss looked SO cool at night! I was so nervous the mask would not really look how I meant it to but I was so happy with how it sparkled in the lights of the dice in the creepiest way!!

* new people were doing amazing!! so nice to meet some new friends!

* laughing myself sick

* Jared being too old.

* Walks with Stephanie

*Brian and his Hulked out coat

* The kitchen working so hard! Thank you

*OMG the decor was amazing!!! Where did that giant mask come from!?!?

* Iban being Iban … but mostly then Aura teasing the **** out of him in game. Pretending to be him lol

* Noble talks with the upcoming Noble Star! How she is kicking butt on the path!

* Everyone the high low mod with me- and thanks to Alexander for helping me with some calls. I was a bit nervous to be heading A mod with combat like that- and thanks to Ethan for helping correct the cards at the start as I always guess too easy And needed to make it more or a challenge. Just thanks to people as I learn!

* Thanks to my husband for being sexy and sending me wondearful updates about th space rocket 😂😂

* Jess is a great roomie!!!!!! so glad you could stay a little longer. You were an amazing bartender!

* can can cant
Wowers, this event was the wrapping up of one plot line and starting another. And boy, I am all for it. These are in no particular order, and may add some later.
  • The Ritual to wake up Moon Father. I was so damn crest fallen last year when I put together a gift bag and couldn't give it to him. But, the module to find Joseph. The group assembled from various players whom, in game I normally didn't gravitate towards; and the in and out of game friendships which have grown from that are amazing. Working on a goal, coordinating on thar goal, involving the whole town, and seeing the next chapter in the book is always a joy.
  • Living out my Moon Magic Princess Anine dream. Lydia never does things planned in half measures. I hope that you all enjoyed the look as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
  • The key club. I wanna drink in all of them with the elves. Maybe get a set of keys. That would be a demonstration of soft power.
  • The golem crime module. It seems Rathfall has a deeply rooted systemic issue. Not sure how to positively change cultural issues that have existed for hundreds of years.
  • The fashion module. Thank you Sarah for letting us play bendy posey with you. And for not taking offense when I said, "I want this one. It's round like me."
  • The distraction of the three Barneys. I am very thankful that David, James and Nate and I have had discussions about consent in the past and we could get down to the silliness. It was a joy flirting with you all in game. Thank you for being AWESOME.
  • The escort mission. That was fun and more world building.
  • All things Tizzy Tang. Man do I have QUESTIONS ABOUT CONNECTIONS, SPACE AND TIME.
  • The return of former Sheriff Rockwell and taking the game to the next level. Him stating that he thought, "the porridge was okay." made me wanna vomit. I hope he does not blame us and understands what happened. We were gambling, things happen man.
  • Finding the Dead Man's Hand module in game. I'm normally not that lucky. But, damn taking it up a notch. I was so scares Star was going to dissipate. She didn't thank the Great Dragon.
  • The Anima was great. And seeing what happened with the dragon. Both of Chicago's Plot Teams have really stepped up their prop monster and night time module game and I am all for it.
  • Friendship is Magic.
  • Thank you to Plot for having modules that are combat light or no combat for me to interact with.
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Fashion Consultant! It's probably not a mod I would do under normal situations, but I went because of paging, and I very much enjoyed it! Probably my absolute favorite of the weekend.

Now the rest in no order:

I loved the prop monsters, between the die, and the dragon Saturday

All of the RP within the tavern.

Tavern looked beautfiul! Thanks Adlao for all of the hard work you do on the tavern!!!!

RP with Astrea to end Saturday night before I went to bed.
- Anima fight was -great-.
- "My name is <insert long dragon name here>" "...too much. Can you do two syllables?" "Oskar." "...well ****, okay then."
- The mist sphere ritual was probably my favorite mod of the weekend- simple, low production, but really great roleplay from everyone involved, including several people I've never really gotten have a real proper scene with!
- Basement Business. IYKYK. Alex, that was creepy as hell and I loved it. There's a couple other favorites under this one I can't post!
- Gorgeous tavern decor!
- I don't know what was in the water, but people were WAY better about garbage+dishes in the tavern, or at least it seemed that way to me.
- Sarah/Osette's first game! Sharing what I love with the people I love is one of my favorite things, and now I can do that with both of them.
- Golem fight! Especially making a break for the controls with Rook and Shen.
¡A lot of good times! In no particular order
  • Chatting metamagical possibilities with Shen during the Moon Father ritual. "If we bent our will and attempt to Insert a Reagent, we could perhaps...." "I see where you're going and it wouldn't work since the Circles aren't..." "No, no, no, the Circles are irrelevant. We would be bending the ley lines...." Until Star just grabbed the cubes from my hand and made the house, "Damnit, boys! We're trying to save the world!" Also, Shen's Magical Cart of Music, Drinks, and Candy is the only way to cast Rituals
  • Getting a wee bit tipsy in the Mahogany Room with the other elves and plus ones. And yes, I'll totally take that Charm so I can hit on Nate for ten minutes, "Wait, you are not the captain of the guard? A man of your strength and skills? This is a travesty! I will speak with the manager directly!" Watching Redwin get bounced after the Berserk was just icing on the cake
  • Meeting poor, young/old Tizzy Tang and watching his eyes bulge as adventurers spew the back history of his much maligned (now) sister Fizzybang
  • Trying to help organize all the cats for Aiden's Ritual of Warm Hugs and friendship. All the looks back and forth with Roff as we opened/closed/reduced/increased the Ritual over the course of five hours. He earned that five gold fee
  • Earning a fine 6.6 silvers per hour doing Mistweaver Magical Math Matrices. I might just retire from adventuring and do that full time. (though, I'm thankful the pitboss didn't look too closely as some of those squares)
  • Being horribly catty with Oliver Kindershaw as the Princess and "Best Bitch" stumbled around the tavern. So many of the rumors make sense now
  • Casting a Mist Sense scroll AND IT WAS MEANINGFUL! Now I can see why it was selling for nearly 30 gold. But also, it was great to have a group therapy time with other adventurers as we spoke about our trauma, disaster, joys, and deep-seated anger while just-maybe breaking through the walls of reality. Also learning the langoliers prolly live in the Rathfall city walls is super chill
  • Having it out with Fate's Pawns over questions of equity among adventurers vs cultural morays. Gotta admit, I was counting up my defenses during the early part of that conversation. Though Binar licking another dimension and declaring it, "Spicy, but needs salt" made it all worth it
  • Starting to get in with the Mistweavers. It's a heavy door to open, but I'll wedge that bastard if it takes all year
  • The fae trapped dragon was a great prop! Poor Oskar, all he wanted to do was live forever in the bowels of a dirty casino with some dignity, but nooooo, cranky adventurers gotta roll in and raise a ruckus. Also, ¡eff you, DeSylvia for stepping into the Disintegrate and Baning it a second before I could! Totally forgot my Intercept on that one
  • Speaking of secrets forgotten beneath the city streets: The Chin will Live Again
Thank you to everyone that came out other weekend. We once again took on designing an event challenging how a larp event weekend could be designed. Hopefully the token system was an interesting break from tradition.

-Playing around with the evolution of Tizzy Tang as the event progressed. Getting to have that wonderful moment with Lydia where she helped center him late Saturday night.
-Having Rengar get arrested hours into the event. It's almost impressive.
-The new player mod was particularly fun this time around. Seeing these new faces pull off some hilarious off the cuff interactions to prove their strength to the Alpha was fantastic. Can't wait to see what else you'll can do!
-Sarah and Jeremy helped kill the Time Share mod. Everyone knew what they were in store for and went along gleefully. What hoot,
-I don't get to run too many of the higher level mods with Fate's Pawns and crew, so getting to riff story elements with them during the Oskar mod was fantastic. They as players never let a details go unacknowledged, which is gift.
-Lord freakin Oliver, man. In true fashion, I came in without a clear plan other than checking in with Aura, but man, a drunk princess coming in was open season for Ollie. So glad the players had a good time with him. The most anti-noble, but the MOST noble character.
-Getting to see the Dead Man's Hand almost happen to Star was great. The temperature in the room shifted when she showed her hand. So good!