December 2017 / January 2018 Dates, To-Dos, and Deadlines

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    So you attended our December 2017 Weekend Event! Now what?

    Here is what to do next!

    1. Submit Feedback for your event (due by Sunday December 16th) at:…/1FAIpQLScMuK8Tz-9idru2S…/viewform…

    2. Pre-register and Prepay for the January 2018 Weekend event (due by Friday January 12th) at:…/january-2018-pre-registration.3…/

    3. Verify if you qualify for a $10 discount off your January event by visiting the page below:…/december-2017-event-clean-up-he…/

    4. Submit your downtime (due by Thursday, December 14th) via the policy here:…/alliance-seattle-downtime-polic…/

    5. Tell us about your December 2017 event Favorite Moments here:…/favorite-moments-december-2017-…/

    6. Pay your 2018 Membership Fee here:…/threa…/2018-membership-fee.36504/

    7. For event-specific updates and a Facebook calendar reminder, RSVP for the January 2018 event via the Facebook event here at:

    8. We have revamped our website! Check it out at
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    As a reminder to anyone who isn't sure how to follow up on character updates, feel free to reach out to me! Do not wait until the last minute to get your character updated! Get your new skills! Wooot! Skilllllls!
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