December Game Favorite Moments


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Your favorites, I needs them.

Mine, in a somewhat deliberate order:

* “Um… Amory? You’re not people….” And all the interesting moments that came after that :|

* “I am fairly certain that lying about what a Dragon has said is close enough to lying to a Dragon to piss off a Dragon.”

* The researcher who wanted to research Amory, and the careful RP that came with it. I super hope I didn’t screw anything up :|

* “Okay, so do not get angry, but I belong to Panda until we return to our own time.” I think I had that conversation at least four times? Black’s response: “You do know you can still be stolen, right?” … … hrm….
Thank you to Paige/Panda for agreeing to the best/worst plan ever ^.^;

* Everything young Mandara Bola – Ben, you played the young and slightly awkward Dragon wonderfully.

* The Slave trader/Auctioneer that –everyone- wanted to murder terribly. Ian: “I’d make a bet that he doesn’t make it through the weekend alive, but I don’t think I’d have any takers”.

* Hears fighting, including at least one Dominate command, runs to see if anyone needs help, finds a group of adventurers, a dead body, and a couple “guards” standing by.
Adventurers: “Everything is fine.”
Amory: “Is that what I think it is?”
Adventurers: “That is why everything is fine.”
… …
Amory: “Well, carry on then, I didn’t see anything.”

* Terrible charades with Ben again >.>

I got to be a monster, someone’s property, and try really –really- hard not to put four “researchers” through the Earth Circle for practicing necromancy. It was a great weekend. Thank you to everyone I interacted with, PC and NPC alike. This weekend held some of the best RP I’ve had in a while.
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I had an amazing time!
Some fav moments include:
-Luke regaling tons of lore to Maguku and I.
-Meeting all of those important historical figures in the past.
-Finding that thing and selling it to that person ;)
-Huddling around the tavern fire and talking with a bunch of adventurers I haven't conversed with before.
-Semi-casually going to the plane of death.
-Standing off against an order elemental by myself (Don't tell Isadel)
-Narrowly avoiding a night raid of undead in my cabin.
-Adventuring with drunkards.
-Getting pinned, a lot.
-Getting squirrely around the portal.
-Having a scarily accurate reading from Hava.
And much more!

Thanks everyone! that was my favorite gathering yet.


As my first time back in play in nearly four years, I had numerous favorite moments.

  • Even though I missed having my old crew around, meeting so many new characters was great.
  • Having two different divinations by Hava, and waiting to see how they might apply in the future. Also, Hava is awesome!
  • Seeing the mysteries unfold. Clever, clever plot team.
  • My interactions with the Silverblades. After starting off not trusting nobility, Black has changed his mind over the years.
  • Meeting the Queen of Nightmares, hearing her offer, but in the end staying true and holding on to Black's integrity. It was so difficult... I could have avoided death.
  • Speaking with Ian, and seeing how much he has changed. I look forward to rebuilding a friendship.
  • Being suspected of having caused the time shift trouble, and when such suspicion was presented to me the feeling of happiness that decent logic was used. Sure there was a lack of strong evidence, but the deduction had a sound base.
  • Spending time with Amory. One of my two favorite Dryads.
  • Hearing “I saw nothing.”, and on the walk back saying “I did see.” Where will that lead?
  • Meeting Mandara and Verikal. Making a promise that Black will definitely keep.
  • Seeing Ben play Mandara, and watching how the Old man got as grumpy and pissy as he did. It was perfect, and Ben embodies the character wonderfully.
  • Having a mystery to solve, it might take an event or two but Black will solve it.
I had a great time, and everyone was awesome. Especially the NPCs and Plot Team. Thank you for a great event.

Krystina F

While I froze my butt off, because it was a frigid event, I had a great time. Óle had her ups and downs over the weekend.

--OOG knowing that had I been awake Friday night, the course of history would have been so VERY different. Dammit guys, I'm an old lady and wore myself out getting monster camp.
--Óle and Durnic finally getting to talk about things, so much crying.
--Óle getting shut down by Raganzi. "NO!"
--Smoke room trap mod! Holy crap that was so much fun. Apparently it looked awesome from outside the barn too, smoke pouring out from the eaves and windows.
--Almost making a deal with Verikal
--Being waylaid, again.
--Excellent RP with Amory. Óle respects her more than Amory probably realizes.
--Talking Bjorn through his nightmares, then finding out what caused them and literally facepalming.

Excellent game plot and NPCs! It was a fun shift (ha!) from our usual story lines. I'm looking forward to any potential impacts we may have made in the past on the future that we are unaware of :p


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Man this was an amazing event to run. So many great moments.

~ Talking in the tavern with Hava and finding out we were dicing with Fae... then abruptly getting up and leaving.
~ Knocking things over as Mandara Bola, on the third time someone saying "Well, you're getting better. At least this one is empty."
~ All the clever "researchers" trying to not give away that they're from the future.
~ "Are you from the future?" "Yes." "I don't WANNA whispering wind my sister...."
~ Using my _very_ limited knowledge of German to play Olag the Tribesman from across the ocean. Thanks Paige!
~ Death Elemental conscript. "I curse you with Destruction". *Oh no you didn't!* 8 Death, 8 Death, 8 Death.....
~ Channeling my inner Samuel L. Jackson as the 1.
~ Mind vomit.
~ "Mine."
~ "A rare thing, for a dragon to admit he's wrong." *kneels* "I apologize."


- Having an impromptu philosophical conversation about responsibility and the butterfly effect across centuries with Ashok, to cover Mandara overhearing Ian make a comment about "...550 years in the past..." I think we pulled it off rather well...
- Black suddenly reappearing, and providing a yardstick for Ian to realize exactly how much he himself has changed (It's less than most people think, but also more than he had realized)
- "I hope we will be friends in the future" - one of the first things Ian said to young Mandara, before he had any suspicion of what that might mean...
- The second time Craftsman: Sailor has allowed the group access to vital information immediately following a land-bound town fight. That's just fun.


~ First, thank you to the players who allowed Hava to read the runes for them. I was a blast and something that I have wanted to do for a long time.
~Being the focal of a Celestial ritual was intense and fun. I will do it again, Ole, if you need.
~ Seeing Madara Bola as a young dragon. Ben was terrific as showing the subtle roots of The Old Man's grouchiness.
~Buying a satyr's freedom and getting the blessing of a satyr's kiss.
~It was so much fun getting to do RP with The Black. I look forward to more.
~Overall it was a great game and Plot was amazing.

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