Deciphering jigsaw puzzles and you


Hello there,

This is Darellin of the Straydish Engineering Guild. It has come to my attention that some adventurers who frequent the 5 Crowns Tavern have some misconceptions regarding the parceled ciphers that the various guilds receive over gathers, so I would like to take a moment to explain.

To start, these ciphers are coded bits of intelligence sent from the Capitol to be received by the Royal guilds. The guilds then reassemble the intelligence to be sent once again to aid the front. This is done as quicker magical means of information sending can be intercepted by Hargothian forces. To this, it is not just the responsibility of one guild to put together these ciphers, but rather the whole of the community as completely reassembling the cipher will always grant some boon for the front forces.

I will continue to make sure the ciphers are watched over as they come in and are worked during gathers, but should you or the scholars in your company find that you have any downtime please put forth effort to get those ciphers completed. (OOG - PCs less adventure inclined should always have first dibs on doing the puzzle, but if there is room and you are not doing anything else please do not hesitate to join in)

Thank you for your time,


Aww good to know as I took a few cracks at one of the ciphers last gather and boy did my eyes turn cross as everything blurred together. I then decided to go sale some drinks instead to make sure I could see straight.

I will be sure to keep an eye out for these and will do my best with them. Some ciphers I may not be able to do due to my own mental limitations but I will give it a shot none the less.

Codes, puzzles, cyphers... You know I'm there to help.

-Lord Magistrate Larix