Declining a ritual rules


I am looking for the rules about declining a ritual effect and taking a res in its place. But they dont seem to be in the rule book. Can someone post them here or direct me to where they are laid out?

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A follow question, does this apply to your gear? Like say someone Casts a Dragon magic DM targeting your sword, can you decline and res and save the sword? What if it is Spirit Locked?
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ARB 1.3, page 133:

Unwilling Targets: Sometimes rituals are cast on unwilling recipients. The player of an unwilling recipient may inform the ritual marshal that he or she wishes her character to resurrect rather than accept the ritual. In the case of ritual effects delivered outside the context of a ritual casting, the player may choose to have their character immediately dissipate and head to the nearest earth circle for ressurection, following the normal rules.
In such cases, the casting still continues for its proper duration and then the ritual marshal checks for failures normally. Any failures that could have a detrimental effect on the recipient of the ritual are ignored, and the failures affect the caster or others in the Circle normally.
A recipient of a ritual cannot choose to die in order to avoid the affects of an Obliteration, Banish to Other Plane, or Divestiture.
Remember that a caster cannot waylay, cast spells upon, or otherwise restrain a person inside the Circle of Power once the ritual casting begins.