Denver October Favorite Moments and thanks!


Let me start this off to say that this event is a huge passing of the torch to the next team. We have had so many great volunteers over the last two years helping out at Alliance Denver and this event signaled a change up in our staff going forward. While some of the new staffing hasn't been decided, I'm sure that Jesse will be sending out updates as he gets them.

Huge thanks to all the work of this plot team, Miguel, Jenn, Darrin, Jesse, Paul SR, Jeff, Trace, Ian, John, and Vincent. All of you have made the world and place of Acarthia more alive in our eyes.

Thank you to Josh and Karlee for handling the challenging task of cooking such amazing food for all of us this past year. I know it's not an easy task, but you two had amazing hot food for us, both day and night.

Mac, John, Bria and Connor, how you managed to deal with all of our little annoying requests for each game (can I have MORE spellcrafting please?), thank you. It's a thankless task and one that you did without complaints and the utmost professionalism.

Thanks to everyone else that has helped out on staff, both large and small. Siren with lost and found, Eric with quartermaster, all of our marshals. Without all of you, this machine wouldn't keep running. If I missed anyone else, I apologize, there are so many people that have aided in making this chapter one of the best LARPs in the country.

Thank you to Jesse and Diana for keeping your head held high with so many challenges this weekend. Without your vision, we wouldn't be here.

I myself am stepping down from Assistant GM and I'll just be handling magic item tags and treasure generation for the game going forth. The Acarthian GM account will no longer be checked so if you have anything for me specifically, please e-mail my personal e-mail,

If you'd like to submit October Feedback, please submit it here. If you have time, please try and drop in a few things that really blew you away this season. This team has worked so hard for you for the past two years, perhaps share a few things things that really improved your Alliance experience. -

Please also share some of your favorite moments. You don't even have to limit them to this event, feel free to share any favorite moments from this last season.
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I am very tired, but I am happy to be warm.

This game was challenging for me. Not just because of the really emotional roleplay (most of which went on in my head), but also because there were a lot of moments where I felt like I wasn't quite as connected to my character as usual. That said, I definitely had a few favorite moments. I might add more if I think of them.

*Meeting the Valarion ghost and getting to piece together more history.
*Watching Nirrabex yell at Parzivel and say exactly what Alis was going to say if she had gotten there first.
*Having a makeup hug with Gillian where we both had to pretend to be strong but were secretly crying into eachother's hair.
*The Scion mod - so cool. And the aftermath was amazing. Poor Cynder.
*Darius shouting, "Not our left, their left! Go right, go RIGHT!!!"
*The special effects of the final encounter were pretty cool, and HUGE kudos to the NPCs and plot for being just as cold as us and doing it anyway.
*The food. Thank you so much Josh and Karlee, I appreciate what you've done for our community.
*The 'big Scion reveal'.
*Tense and unproductive conversations that led to walks alone in the woods which, of course, ended with nearly dying.
*The unexpected appearance of Parzivel at the masquerade... and in costume too!
*Kendrick telling Alis that she's the thing that pulled the scions together and made them better.
*Being included for special honors that I was definitely not expecting. SO much love for my team, man.
*Being Darius' battle buddy. There was a moment he turned to Alis, mid-fight and says, "...Are you my battle buddy right now? Is this actually happening?" And Alis goes. "I am. Weird, right?" And then Darius said, "So weird." and the two of them proceeded to be cohesive and it was great.
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Let me just start by saying WOW, what a great event for me, I don't usually do these, but this event was just too great not too. While it was probably one of the most emotional events for my character, it was my favorite event that I can remember for me as a player.

I think Mike covered most of the thank you's but they cannot be said enough. Thank you to the logistics team for dealing with me over the years, I know all of my blacksmithing stuff can be a pain. Thank you to everyone who has helped with meals, serving, cleaning, and especially Josh and Karlee for the always amazing food and effort that goes into that. As always, there wouldn't be a game without the amazing efforts of the plot team. While I am admittedly sad to see so many of our great talent stepping down, all I can do is thank you all for the time that you have put in, and the amazing stories you have helped tell and bring to life in and out of our game.

Now for favorite moments!
-I LOVED the conclusion of the Wyld Naiad plot. I got to play a bigger part of that encounter than I expected, and it was incredible for me. Special thanks to Trace for taking the lead on this, and bringing what has probably been my most enjoyable plotlines to life over the past year and a half.
--The duel with Captain Tiller was fantastic. I almost died, and it was very worth it.
-The very unexpected character history piece that was brought in. It was wonderful roleplay, and a shock to me both IG and OOG. Thank you so much for making that happen.
-Crafting plot! I really enjoyed speaking with the member of the Tratheon family, and hopefully opening up some paths for me to pursue. I am excited to see more of this.
-Wulfgar being offered(and refusing) the position of Seneschal and the conversation that followed, and the probable more conversations that will happen.
-Special thanks to all of the NPC's and PC's that I got to roleplay with. I couldn't name you all, but I had some very good moments that really helped make this world real.


This was quite possibly my favorite game ever and before I go through my favorite moments I want to give a HUGE shout out to plot who really did SO much to make this game extra special and leave some great framework for next season. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the abundance of morally grey (dark grey) plot for those of us who specifically have been wanting it. I had such a blast with all of it.

*Shady port Tyrok mod= best "date" ever. Wolsey wanting to give all the loot to charity and the looks between Nirra, Fynn, and Belswin were priceless.
*Kendrick rushing to rescue undead Parzivel and Nirra being the only one around to cover for him because everyone else was undead too. Super nerve racking, but epic. I like being scared I might not make it and this was scary!
*New stepdaughter!
*Kendrick's knighting and the significance of her recognition of it despite her banter.
*The big decision with the Scions and the weekend full super intense RP due to it. I LOVED seeing how everyone experienced the same thing but due to history both known and unknown reacted all very differently.
*King Vowen Scion mod- BEST MOD EVER for soooo many RP reasons. I felt like I got to play my character the way I have always wanted to play her. Whatever it takes, at all costs, unwavering dedication, and burning furious passion. Ian's OOC "Is that the normal?" was pretty great too. :D
*Cynder's reaction and Lumi's shouted commentary during Scion mod were amazing as was the aftermath. "You didn't tell her? No... I thought you did. Did no one tell her? ...****..."
*Nirra feeling so completely betrayed and angry and shocked that she lost her temper at Parzivel in a way I would never have predicted. And then his response not at all being what she was prepared for and her angry bubble just sortof bursting and fading away and then by end of gather feeling even more connected to her team then ever before. Another moment where it felt like I got to play my character as she was meant to be played. (Thank you Will for being such a good sport and wonderful RPer)
*Ball with Emaric- Thank you so much Jay for so graciously putting up with the fact that I had 2 separate and very important plots that I was participating in going on during the ball as well as officiating the wedding. Emaric was a great date and Nirra isn't likely to forget it.
*Getting to participate it Cynder's wedding meant so much to Nirra. Lumi and Nirra pre wedding= bonfire for life!!! lol
*Shady shenanigans with Dracolitch's and Knox's version of things VS. Darius's version of things being hilariously contradictory.
*Awards and Sparing time!
*NPCing a shift for the fist time in Denver. It was really interesting to see things from the other side and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I've never felt so worn out but it was worth it to NPC they type of fight that I like to participate in as a PC. Also Darius shouting in the dark "NO, NO, Not our left, their left! Go right, go RIGHT!!!"
*The 'big Scion reveal'.
*Late night meetings and serious conversation. So much team strife and then bonding happening this event.
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  • Adoption. I thought Cynder would be a great choice for step-daughter. I was 100% wrong. She was a perfect choice.
  • Darius and Parzivel's new "I'm gonna murder everyone!" "Oh, you. I'm gonna execute you!" relationship.
  • The 'big Scion reveal'. So much hatred because of so much love.
  • Talking to Ian with Nissa. Watching Ian do magic. Watching Nissa get giddy. No one but Nissa could have pulled this off. No one but Nissa could have found joy in the challenge ahead of her. She is remarkable.
  • "I'm fine". I'm always fine.
  • Giving presents on Thursday night, and surprising Alis at the ball. Soured a little only by missing closure RP on Saturday night.
  • Fighting alongside my friend Shane, in the dark, in the mist, for all eternity.
  • Getting a few moments of Jeff's precious time to dump the weight of the world (well, one world) on him.
  • Getting called out by my team, time and time again, not for asking too much of them, but for asking too little. After this weekend, just thinking about them gets me choked up.
  • Speaking up for Yurg.
  • Yelling at Ivanya.
  • The Vowen mod. I even loved not knowing if we won. It was an historic (literally) mod and it echoed the history perfectly... we never found the right answer. Thank you Jeff. I didn't even know "eviscerate" could be a carrier.
  • Hearing Cynder say she was family even after what we'd done. Even after totally failing her. And everything that followed.
  • I got yelled at a lot. Lumi's face of fury was an actual shock. And I'll never forget her words. And she, and her love for her sister, is wonderful.
  • Nirra's fury, just when I thought I'd gotten everything almost back to solid. She was right, and the blood in her veins will always be Valarian.
  • Watching Gillian's tender heart tear. It made her a better person and Parzivel a worse one. But we always knew that.
  • Sparring with Nirra, Zak, Izual, and Sir Noah. I'd forgotten about how much fun Noah is to fight and how unforgivingly fast he is.
  • Scion Game-Wake. It was important. I think we can do it better. But between Orders and Wake, I think we had some important things to say to each other. I think there are some important things still left unsaid.
Not favorite moments per se, but Important Bits, nonetheless:
  • Being heard by plot was so amazing. They went so far out of their way to do great things for us, and I really cannot say how grateful I am. From the very first survey that Prometheus sent out, I knew good things were happening.
  • Taylor. I'm sorry I pissed you off. I really didn't mean to. I hope the resolution was ok for you.
  • Not enough Arikaya time, Nissa time, Lumi time, or Alis time.
  • A POUND OF PRIME RIB?? My team had to taunt me with being a quitter or I couldn't possibly have eaten it all. And I learned about "bark". Thank you so much Josh and Karlee. Especially after the **** that went down, you guys just rocked it anyway. Thanks to Iz for waking up early to help. You guys make eating at LARP something to look forward to.
  • Paul Mosher Sr. and Derek Reed. I just really like you both so very much. You make things good just by being around. Derek, I'm still sorry for crashing into you.
  • I totally never got back to Toadstone, again, and I regret that.
  • The NPCs were rock-solid. Some great fights. Some great wandering NPCs. Great roles. I appreciate you all so much.
  • Alis takes such good care of us. I wish we could do the same for her. Provolone grilled cheese is a warcrime.
  • Thanks for the makeup remover, Iz. Dignity is over-rated.
  • My favorite Alliance event so far.
I'm sure I missed some stuff.


  • Blue Cards! Halloween is my favorite time for them because it's so easy to incorporate character histories and personal touches. I love getting to hear about player reactions to the small, and personalized details! I think I may go ahead and share ALL the blue card text for this event for funsies, since October is a little special.
    • The return of the happy black ghostie cats!
    • Ghost doggies, too!
    • Ghost snakes!
    • Fire beetles that glow at you... NO YOU!
  • Port Tyrok conclusion mod, before game: Loved book-ending the season by starting in Port Tyrok, Warchester at Mod Day -- and ending there. Thank you to my wonderful NPCs who added color here! Thanks to my clever PCs with their keen planning and patience! This is what you get with Moriartys on Plot. :)
  • Heebie-Jeebies: I designed a monster based on the thing that I hate most in the universe: repetitive, annoying tapping noises. You're welcome!
  • A surprising new contestant for the King of Halloween who wins the fashion competition of this contest, hands down!
  • Who owns this tree? Thank you, Dia, for this delightful mini-game and fierce competition!
  • RIVERVALE: Two knightings on the team, each distinct and each perfect. The wisdom of the knights' vigils. Talking about teaching how to fish. Saving the kingdom! It's been so hard for me to step into and out of character quickly while finishing up my duties on Plot. Thank you for your patience around that, and your assistance with getting me back into character mindset when I can pop in. I appreciate all your forebearance, and always love and support!
  • Scions: Whoa... Thanks for letting us check on you again throughout the weekend, and always responding with great big happy faces OOC. Y'all are amazing!
  • Prom Night! Loved getting to take prom pics and celebrate everyone's festivity -- can't wait to join you again next year when I'm off duty! I want to call out a few in particular: All of you who worked in opals to your costumes when you heard they were the height of Acarthian fashion! (I love generating fashion plot!) Shane... just Shane. Leora - royal blue is striking on you! This was my favorite of all your gorgeous gowns so far. Gabbie, your make-up that Diana did was so striking and elegant; you looked just radiant! We also had a lady visitor whose name I don't know, dressed in an all red gown with tulle, I think, and it was dramatic and eye catching. Thank you, everyone, for the entertainment that you provide to me simply by looking so entrancing!
  • Entropy: The opportunity to roleplay meaningfully with Knox, and Eldred among others! So many enjoyable little moments that I dare not reveal with character names attached. LAWYER PLOT. Bria and John MAKE this storyline with their continued willingness to play Entropy's barristers. The fine print! "Status of the Living Realm not guaranteed. Some changes may apply." Welcome to 2.0, everyone! You may thank your local dracoliche. Lawful Evil is my favorite alignment for NPCs, and I reveled in this opportunity to demonstrate how I think that alignment can be very fun and productive within the story. I didn't need my 4-page long character card, or its 1-page summary since everyone was so kind to let this encounter roll on Charisma and alignment alone! (I did, however, have a stat card and treasure on me "in case I got rolled," thank you very much -- that's the Lawful part!) Thank you for the opportunity to portray a character that neat! (And I got to wear my "Mrs. Moriarty" hat, and thank you to everyone who gave me compliments on my outfit-- especially daring to do so in-character, which amused me greatly!)
  • Theatre of the Dead: "Surprise! You're all dead!" I wonder and hope about PCs enjoying this presentation as much as your Plot Team does! Jeff and I, in particular, have such fun producing the somewhat over-the-top, deadpan theatrical performances. You're welcome, Corinthus Brothers! Consider that my parting gift on the way out. :)
    • Bag of snakes for fortunes: 90% of you roleplayed this with such disgust on your faces, although surely knowing it was only rubber snakes and nothing more. I LOVE the attention to detail and deep characterization we have from players in Denver! Thank you for being players who are willing to be entertained easily. Hope you enjoyed the many, many easter eggs embedded in the fortunes of both Umbra'Sil and the year to come!
    • Umbra'Sil video: Ian Moriarty's gorgeous digital artwork in the 418 updated Umbra'Sil visions video.
  • Laurith: I just adore every interaction with this unique NPC. Thank you for shared joy in her place in this world!
  • Out of state visitors! I love seeing the faces of our returning friends from far away, and the 10,000-strong horde from Utah! Thank you for honoring our chapter with your presence. I hope we made it easy for you to fit in, jump in, and adventure with us! I am eager to meet you next year as my PC and share a different interaction!
  • Thousand Bones vs. Sark: Emaric, sorry we didn't know that you were leaving the event early, and thus it was an opportunity missed -- but man, Thousand Bones. Way to just Bones that ****!
  • Baronial war banners: Thank you, Katie Craver, for producing those lovely props for us for a fine detail! And to Zach Rossiter for bringing them down to get them into our hands when Katie couldn't make the event. I loved seeing each of the baronies carrying their trophies from wars of past years around... Now I also wonder if I ever wrote the Lore for them, and if that got into game? Oh well. Too many details to track sometimes!
  • Ancient Mariners now at rest! The tale of the Wyld Naiad was originally presented on Team Prometheus' first event at Castle Day 2017 as a sideline story that could be followed at leisure by Spencer Winter, a San Francisco player, whenever he comes out here. Our own Wulfgar picked up on this, and pursured this relentlessly through two years of BGAs, and a handful of sporadic attacks on New Acarthia. The drowned crew of the Wyld Naiad fought off serpentmen on the shores of Bayenna. Their slaving misdeeds in life gave our mystic wood elves another enemy to fight. Best of all, it allowed us to accomplish what seemed nigh impossible: meaningfully involving a handful of PCs with effing Sailing related Craftsman skills in a totally land-locked inland campaign!! A tip of my hat to all of you salty dogs with the Heart o' the Sea! Special thanks here to Paul for 3D printing those cool anchor charms for this, and to Jeff for stepping into the role of Captain Tiller!
  • Land of the Dead! Plot dreamed up this idea while driving to our June event this year. We had some real challenges with bisecting the event, such that we had to wrap up everything for the year in the living world before the Masquerade unless it possibly made sense to exist among the dead.
    • Save the historical dead dude mods: The rare opportunity to present meaningful Valarion plot! The surprise return of Sir Grendor! Letting Rivervale meet and save one of its past barons (a lot easier than the previous one, thankfully). Big props to Catie and Dan for playing my Rivervale NPCs so lovingly; you made that really special for that team!
    • Squire Yurg's paladin trial by dead paladins! We originally wrote this for Sunday morning, traditional style. We had to rewrite for the alternate schedule in case of snow... and decided that we liked the dead paladins version so much better, we'd run that no matter what! Long underwear. "He's nice to my dog!" Career highlight: I got Peat to speak up at an Acarthian knight's trial, and care about the outcome. Boom. My work here is done!
    • Speaking of Peat: Really enjoyed our cute little hello on the road - thank you!
  • Beef Stew, Prime Rib, Baked Potato: Can we talk in detail about how delicious our food has been this season?? That prime rib was restaurant quality! Half that portion would have been a feast at LARP! Also the baked potato was cooked to perfection - just the right texture, which is really difficult to get right! The beef stew, also delicious, with the liquid just the right consistency between "soup" and "gravy" somewhere along the way. YUM! Only regret of leaving early on Saturday night with the storm: missed breakfast casserole!
  • Umbra'Sil, the Slithering Mountain: If there is one thing that this Plot Team really does well, I think, it's cults! Much like with the Ulrathi, this was another team effort with all hands on deck with meaningful contribution, for which I am very grateful to all of Team Daedalus. So much glowing! And real fog and fake fog! And Owen Loats's great ideas on staging and help with the fog! Bria. Wow, Bria. Paul - I could hear the chanting both at the tavern, and all the way in Monster Camp, over conversation, and with the door closed! I LOVE that Team Daedalus was able to make our last field battle that we present one that was mechanical, complex, featured the Destined, had light and sound effects, and our signature roleplay from our AMAZING NPC team! Special thanks to Shane, and the Scions, for busting your humps to NPC in this battle along with us!
    • No, really... WOW, BRIA!
  • Sir Yurg's battlefield knighting! Would've loved to be there as my PC, but couldn't resist standing off to the side with my white headband on to watch a wonderful moment! Congratulations - you super earned this!!
Thank you, each and all of you, for a spectacular closer to my personal season! Happy Halloween!

Trace Moriarty


Thank you to all the NPCs, Plot, Staff, and PCs that make our game great!
  • Port Tyrok - Banks had me robbed (Great Job Gabbie). Belswin will never go to the most wretched hive of scum and villiany again.
    • I spent so much time sorting that loot. SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks Banks. Warchester you might want to let your Lord know how things work these days.
  • Noah's Knighting
  • Noah/Kendrick Vigil
  • Not having anything until noon on Friday!!!
  • Succession Plot - Helping Van being the star child!!!!
  • Loreing something I shouldn't have - Opps. I am so glad that the OG people are having fun but Belswin feels like **** :)
  • True Empowerment OCS that could be fun turning into a hugely powerful skill as we met ghosts from the past all weekend. Mac isn't on plot so he couldn't have known how much fun that flaw would be.
  • Sure lets Vision during a time when Seer's are being struck down (what could go wrong) - Boy John Sidaks likes putting other peoples souls in my body.
    • Dame Arikaya pulling snakes out in the RV Cabin (least favorite moment of the game) <3
    • Long discussion with Arikaya about what would happen if snakes popped out during the ritual and me going we are screwed cause I am backlashing this.
    • Plot doing such an amzing job on both my info rituals. Which in term is causing Belswin to think about giving it up.
  • Kendrick Knighting - My favorite part was Lumi standing akwardly in the open and then moving through the middle of the ceremony to stand in the right spot.
    • Baroness Rivervale's Dress. Katie looked so pretty.
    • Lumi's Dress (so sweet)
  • BALL FASION!!!!!!!!!
  • Sir Michael Bloodworth is a perfect date. 10 out of 10 Belswins would date him again.
  • Thorgrim's vowes were the sweetest thing!!!
  • Entroy's Look was on POINT!!!
    • Entroy I hear you like making deals come talk to my people
    • Entroy leaves and I throw Yssenia under that bus and NOPE out!
  • Seeing my actions result in the death of somebody on the Walk of Dead and just being done and going to bed.
  • Belswin/Van grumpy death sprial cuddle pile
    • Lumi joining and saving the day
  • Suprise Yurg Trial and Ghost Knights of the past :)
  • Failed pepp talk speach on Darius but eventually getting it right. I am so enjoying my RP moments with Mac MORE and MORE. Us being on the same wave length so much is so fun.
  • Rivervale mod
    • Using every OCS you have
    • Does anybody know blacksmithing ;)
    • Baron Henry Rivervale (Dan did such a great job)
  • Bria and Ian waiter service
  • NPCing with friends I have known 20 years. Will, Nissa, Billy, and Jeff you are awesome! I still think we should have choosen a flake and rolled the PCs (kidding)
  • Making it to Sir Squire Yurg's Knighting
  • Sir Noah presiding over Snackie time.
Wow that is a lot more than I thought. Again thank you everybody.


So many things!
  • I loved tenting with my favorite people. I really didn't know how this game was going to go with my kitty at home sick and knowing I had a safety net of wonderful people gave me the ability to relax and have fun.
  • Before game even started watching all of us band together to get izzy unloaded so he could save sweet Karlee/Josh and all the food. I love how quickly this community steps in when needed.
  • ALL of those undead for the first fight. Holy crap. Everyone was getting turned and it was high stress and still fun. I also saved Ahri because I was like I feel like this is a person I saw hanging out in the tavern. Cynder I think we need to save this person.
  • All of the trash talk with Dargok. I'm sad Thorgrim wasn't there.
  • Poor Ember and her attempts to bachelorette party backfiring. I saw both sides but by the time I had gotten involved it was too late.
  • Cuddle pile on the floor! I even got some fox cuddles. Uncle Mel was helpful.
  • Speaking to Kendrick at his vigil and going I have 2 things...wait three things. I have things to remind you.
  • Standing behind Cynder becoming a Step Daughter to the Scions. It was a great surprise and it meant a lot to Lumi to stand for her since she has seen Cynder's Kai in action as she has grown. I'm still mad I can't blood duel with magic. *grumble*
  • All of the Scion plots and dramas. Holy crap. Some of it I couldn't connect with because Lumi and Nyt were never that close. But nonetheless watching my second family struggle was hard. Fighting with just the scions is scary. PTD 90 slay... a lot. No thanks! And also the conversations with others after.
  • Bonfire making sure that the wedding happened no matter what. We pulled MWE strings and got things done. The vows were adorable.
  • Dressing up for the knighting ceremony. It felt really weird for *me* to be so dressed up when most others weren't but it was super important for Lumi to stand beside Kendrick. But next time I need Belswin to do a 2 hour dry run for me XD. Also yelling at Kendrick for moving me into the mud to meet his receiving line >.>
  • Poor Corinthas brothers. They had a hard weekend. Every time a new thing happened I felt sad all over again.
  • Reading the fox bella donna book side by side with Melgarde.
  • The ball! I loved it again. I'm sad dancing didn't quite work out but I loved all the match making I did and people asking how it happened and Lumi/Mandi being the answer. It was so fun. And Van and Mevawny made a whole day date out of it. So cute. The travelers. The wedding. The lawyers I noped right out of. Everyone looked so awesome and it was great. Spikey cloven fruit. I loved wearing the in gemstone for the gather. Also huge shout out to Parzival showing up. he tried to weasel his way out of it with the drama but I put my boot down.
  • Going to the theater of the dead and finding out we were all dead and if we failed the world is doomed. Also creepy bag of snakes. And watching yet again the heart ripping out of the brothers. So many feels.
  • Double cuddles. I was glad to pop in for snackie time and help improve the moods of bels and van. I <3 them. Then i got sleepy time with peat.
  • The dead howling woods people with Sark wandering around. It was fun randomly sneaking up behind Sark/John. Also hearing the horn in the morning was scary.
  • Getting pulled into a scion mod with much drama and scary. Holy crap. Again. Wow. Seeing Nissa play a stone elf was weird.
  • Coming back and helping clean up wedding debris. While the rest of town went to deal with ghost niaid stuff. Almost going up the hill and then staying with Rory and Peat. Deciding to prep a circle rep as we were the only 3 people left in town. Iz coming out and us going yay we are safe! And then Peat scampering off into the woods and not 5 minutes later Iz telling me we have bad company. Ushering rory into the circle and casting it before they make it in. **** talking with the undead guys who are taking over the tavern and making meaningful eyecontact with Iz to make sure he thinks Peat got away. Petra and Madrigal coming down the hill first while i motion them to run. They open the door and at a pitch only dogs can hear (and small dogs can make) I scream at them to run for a full 20 seconds. They run off and more undead crap talking. Town comes back and we circle down and jump in to help and life those on the back of the line. So fun and scary. I'm sorry for all the ruptured ear drums.
  • Warchester mod! Molly almost got me to cry. I'm proud to be a part of this group and one of the first ones to join the warchester renovation after undead court. Shushing Ember on important issues and Sir Darius asking why my methods work. It was really great and interesting to be a part of two different group ghost adventures.
  • Snugrasil. We were so cold and so loud. I had ultimate middles <3. I thought Ian was about to rift us all at one point though. The whole umbrasil battle was great. Defense was scary but made it work. Wands for days. The fog and the misty snow was great except I froze my butt off. I am sad I missed the conclusion because I was paralyzed and on the wrong part of the field.
  • I'm sure I'm missing some amazing interactions I had. It was a super awesome game and just such a great event for me.
  • The food was A+++ I'm so sorry about the car but so glad everything worked out. I will miss the food.
  • Thank you to plot for all your hard work! I will miss this plot team. But I am pleased we get some of my favorite PC's back.
  • I'll add more as it comes back to me.


  • NPC'ing the Port Tyrok mod. Wandering around in the dark, making up thug banter for hypothetical stealth'd PCs to hear. And then, finally, when the PCs decided that they mustache me a few questions.
  • "Special Properties: Baaaaaa".
  • Nerd Guild meeting, notebooks out!
  • With mystic force I tag you!
  • Fun with fortunes! Hearing all the paper slips, and getting the special personal ones from the fortune teller outside.
  • Noping out of talking with the barristers, but only after I got enough information to make sure someone important was informed.
  • Blue card animals and fire beetles to play with!
  • Darius telling Parzivel to cut everyone in town before very quickly thinking better of it.
  • FOOD. But sad I missed the casserole.
  • Was a little sad the Loremaster mod ended up with no crunchies and had to be abbreviated, but the double hooking worked fairly well. I thought it was funny that the one encounter I had specifically prepared spells for ended up being the one I NPC'd for, oops.
  • Making sure Sabriel got to her first game in a long time.


Okay, this time for real:
  • Port Tyrok
    • Having Belswin robbed, and his reaction of "I think I lost the Rivervale wand..."
    • Everything revolving around this plotline that has coalesced through the year, the conspiracy theories, the twists, the wild goose chases, and the conclusion(?) of that storyline
    • The box at the end...
    • Every Holmes needs a Moriarty
  • Fire Beetles that glow at you.
  • Circle Time with Knox on Thursday night.
  • The return of everybody's favorite lawful evil lawyers. "Would you like to make a deal?"
  • Apparently we all died? We all died.
  • Random interactions throughout the weekend, too many to count.
  • Rivervale having at least some time together, and our baronial history mod
    • "Does anybody have blacksmithing? Even one level of blacksmithing? Anyone?"
    • We like keys.
  • Delicious prime rib and a bunch of other foods for dinners!
  • Saturday night assault on the citadel
    • Messing with Luke Bluewolf after the battle ended and we were heading back to town
  • Too many RedBulls
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Oh man, this event was a kicker for Squire Demvarien. In no particular order:

  • Getting to introduce two cousins and a family friend to this crazy hobby I'm so madly in love with.
  • Spotting Morningtide's belt while NPCing for the Port Tyrok mod and calling him out for being a knight.
  • Squire Demvarien's duel with Dargok was awesome for me as a player. Dem was afraid and even he, let alone Paul, knew he wouldn't win that fight. He did it anyway.
  • The ensuing town battle was awful in the best way. I kept going out there because Dem is oathbound not to cower in the tavern, only to get dropped into bleed-out almost immediately like four different times.
  • Dueling Petra to fix the mistake Dem had committed by her and the rest of the Bleeding Eye. Still can't believe I won that fight.
  • Biata stuff Friday afternoon with Jax, after the Loremasters' Guild mod, and subsequent conversations with some of the nobility. Demvarien made a few choices that he'll face some consequences for.
  • The Masquerade Friday night was a good time. I enjoy it as a Tiatar spotlight event, and Leora did an awesome job on Demvarien's costuming. Trying to explain Tiatarin traditions to people during this was great fun.
  • The wedding, and Demvarien's gift to Thorgrim and Cynder.
  • The Walk of the Dead. Man. Demvarien literally said to somebody that sometimes he hopes he'll see his mother, and sometimes he dreads it.
  • This was coupled with the one-two trauma punch of the Theater of the Dead. Demvarien has held onto the shame of that tale for a long time. Having it aired out to the entire town was hard on him.
  • All of the awful did get a nice reprieve as we inducted Thousand Bones as the newest member of the Court of Tiatar.
  • And then the next morning it started all over again, with the sound of horns and a wave of undead. Demvarien had a far too rushed conversation with the spirit of his mother. That regret will likely haunt him for a long time.
  • The Duke Jonathan Tiberion mod was cool, and a win Demvarien needed. His father was one of Duke Tiberion's knights, and failed him in the end. It was one of the more direct ways he could act to redeem his family legacy.
  • The outpouring of love and support from many different individuals is something Demvarien will not soon forget. Conversations with Wulfgar and Aden Corso stick out in particular.
  • Kendrick telling Demvarien that he loves him.
  • Fighting an undead portrayed by Ian that came out of Dem's blood and only Dem could hurt.
  • Mock resurrections with Cynder. The point of her lesson was not lost on the squire.
  • The tension leading up to the final battle with the Cult of Umbra'sil. The stakes felt very real.
  • All hail Snug'rasil!
  • The battle was a slog, in the cold, but it was epic all the same. The NPCs did an awesome sense of capturing the feeling of us desperately trying to hold out, but started pulling punches at the right time.
  • Interactions with Vandathron, as always. The brothers had a lot to be upset about this weekend.
  • Squire Ahri's return and squiring! It put Dem in an odd position of needing to mentor a younger squire in how the whole squire thing works, and passing the torch of being the point of contact between the Destined and the nobility.
  • Demvarien went into the October game at level 10, and will go into November level 11, no longer Destined. We were told once by Sark that, in game terms, what makes a person Destined is that their fate is not yet written. This was a pretty appropriate event for Demvarien's fate to be written.
I will sorely miss this plot team, who have guided me through my first experience with LARP. Thank you all so much for these wonderful stories I've gotten to be a part of. I'll also miss Josh and Karlee's excellent cooking -- my goodness, the prime rib. Thanks so much for all your hard work.


Despite being crippled up and having to med-forge, this ended up as a pretty darn good event for me.
  • Melgarde/LagaMel: I'm a sucker for RP challenges. Playing two simultaneous personalities/characters with partially-aligned goals and shared memories is a new one and one of the harder ones I've done. Thanks plot for giving me a legit (and cool) excuse IG for the med-forge!
  • So many feels. I spent the whole weekend having people tell "Mel" that they don't dislike him, but also how much they miss Lagarde. /sniffle
  • The smut book. I'm so sad it didn't get a public reading. Big kudos to the mysterious writer.
    • Connor teaching Thran to read...only to need reading material. Having Thran loudly reading bits from the smut book as he figured out his letters was amazing. #1 highlight of my event. Thanks Thran/Tivi for running with all of that!
  • Cuddles with Lumi/Ember, as well as reading smut with Lumi. Also...torturing Lumi by flirting. I don't think I could have possibly predicted her cowering and yelling, "BLUE WOULD KILL ME!"
  • Two stunningly well-statted/balanced mods. I can't express enough how perfectly tuned both the Wylands and the Umbrasil mod were. Any mistakes on our end would have gone south fast, and they burned all our resources (but not more than we had). Super big kudos to the staff members who made this happen!
  • Fud gud. Thanks Josh/Karlee!
  • The gorgeous wedding. Even if LagaMel was confused by it, it was gorgeous.
  • The pee-trees. Omg. Why did we have that much fun playing with dry-erase markers?!?
  • Gambling. Thank you to everyone who took Lagarde's money. Mel appreciated the gambling!
  • Yurg getting knighted and specifically him scrambling when the paladins showed up and he had no pants. This appears to be a Bayenna tradition.
  • Thank you to the retiring plot people and to our tireless NPCs, without whom none of this would have happened.
There's probably a lot more, but my brain is still slightly mushy.
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I am not even sure where to begin with this event. It seems like my most memorable games seem to have incredible highs and incredible lows at the same time. But wow did the amazingness come through. Let's see what I can remember:

* Seeing Cynder do so awesomely at taking the reigns with the Healer's guild, and finally having an updated Charter for the Healers Guild <3.
* omg the FOOOD. Well done, Cynder and Thorgrim. I would not have been so mobile right after a car crash. You two are amazing.
* Getting to explain to players from across the mists what the Juren and the Deaths Isles were.
* The Loremaster's Guild meeting when we realized what nerds we were, noting that all of us had book and pen out. #NerdClub
* Being able to show up as a point of information gathering, and as someone who wants to make sure it's shared. Both with Heebie Jeebie and with the fortunes in the realm of the dead.
* The Loremaster's Guild mod. Vincent, roleplaying with you is always a pleasure. Way to make someone who doesn't cry get all teary-eyed. I loved learning about all of that, and it created some intense roleplay after.
* Seeing the debates had regarding mindwiping parts of the party. And how they all thought they ended with cuddling. And then actually ending with a mini cuddle pile in the middle of the woods. I am not complaining. Cuddles are awesome.
* The Lore Ritual in Rivervale Cabin. That was really intense. Feeling all of that raw power and getting a true idea for the magnitude of what something means. Just... I was glad they let me be a part of it. And hey. The perks we got at the end were SUPER useful. Thank you Mac/Darius for being such an awesome ritual caster.
* I loved the barristers, Bria and John. As someone who works in Contract law outside of LARP, it was really funny going into this. I knew Mevanwy wasnt quite as knowledgeable, and I remember my brain going "making deals with dragons is a stupid idea" even as Mevanwy was making one. She had her reasons, though it was fun to play out her feelings and ambitions once the deal was struck.
* My date to the masquerade! Vandathron and I had silly moments where we made light of being matchmade for this, and he was an avsolute joy to attend the ball with. And I got to learn so much about him. Oof, being there for the walk of the dead and him seeing his mom broke my heart.
* Realizing Mevanwy still worries about what happened back home... with all those who didn't make it off. The walk of the dead was interesting for her. Thought provoking. Emotional. Interesting that it even brought things up. And it made her realize just how lonely she feels a lot of the time in New Acarthia.
* The theatre of the dead was really interesting, and a great way to share knowledge. That was so well-done! And then finding out we were all dead afterward was really unsettling and awesome.
* Philisophical discussions with Valentine! <3 I lesrned a lot about her and I love getting to let out Mevanwy's philosophy nerdiness. It really made me miss having more Juren around though.
* All Hail Snug'Ra'Sil! Hehe.
* Trying to build on connections made with Demvarion while at the same time Mevanwy sucks at giving heartfelt words. So trying to be there for him and not knowing what to say. XD It is fun playing with her personality bits that I as a player do better with. Because I go "Ah, don't do that!" But she as a character would.
* Connor teaching Thran how to read was the best.
* All the amazing blue cards! I love how immerive they are. And inclusive!
* Some play I was able to have with Sandro regarding making deals with Dragons. It actually made Mevanwy realize for a moment the fear based around the unknown with what they did.
* Peat. Because she always knows how to make me feel comfortable, even when she's just randomly being affectionate and has no idea I'm having an OOG bad moment. There were many times she, likely without knowing she was doing so, helped me as a player get back down from angry PC moments and re-immerse myself in the game. Just by being Peat. <3
* I loved the plot around the puzzle mod for the Craftsmen Alchemy mod I was invited to join. I liked seeing people think outside the box.
* I really enjoyed the Strike team stuff at the Ziggurat. Ian and Jen, kudos to you and your teams on creating an awesome atmosphere for that.
* Also, the whole Umbra'Sil battle was epic. The lead-up really made us feel the magnitude of what was coming. It was hard, the NPCs play cultists really well, and it was extremely challenging without feeling hopeless. And Kudos to Bria for making me get goosebumps from the aesthetic she created at the end. <3
* Trace, your costuming was incredible, and I particularly loved Entropy!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but here's this at least.


Let’s see,

-Maddy... I could say I’m sorry for telling you what you needed to hear to get you in the circle, but then I’d be lying...
-Sandro, I absolutely loved everything from “I lost maddy” all the way to being against the tavern wall with syringes at my throat. I’m glad I retained my calm, though. You almost had me believing you’d send me to rez... almost.
-Sunny, I love our talks and I’ll be prepared next time ;)
-Also sunny, I’m very glad we got the heater running on Saturday.
-All the people who talked with Zakar on Friday. Each conversation was fun and I was kinda worried I’d get killed for some of the comments, but people were surprisingly understanding.
-A few more people learning that Hallend is a seer. “This sort of background noise, the spirits, this is normal for me. Them touching me, though? Not so much”
-Also sunny, 20 seconds...
-Jax, as always I enjoyed the few interactions we had. “How good are you wish scrolls?” “If you need plans copied, I can handle it.”
-Val, thanks for working with my terrible awkwardness. I’ll do my best not to die before our date.
-Ari, I’ll learn your full name in time; I can be quite persistent.
-lastly, day drinking with people on Saturday. “Either way, I should be drinking!”
-also sausage. You make me happy.
A few of the things I witnessed more than was a part of...
-Going on the mod to the nightmare realm...Molly wondering if she should go at all for fear she might not be useful enough and then producing the list of fortunes that made the puzzle a breeze :) (good job Molly and Cinder keeping up with that)
-Numerous interactions between Molly and Baron Egil, especially when others like Arikaya and Darius assisted her :)
-Listening to Thorgrim ask Egil if a knight is bound to his word if he gives it while being charmed...having to repeat the scenario several times and Cinder continually berating him for talking about people being charmed.

A lot of the best moments of this event for me were centered around the time I had bringing my permanently dead PC, Sir Grendor Oakoath, back to say his goodbyes to a good many people that he was close to. A HUGE thank you to plot and specifically Trace for approaching me with this idea and then assisting me out of game with smuggling all of my Grendor gear to game so that it was truly a surprise for Michelle/Molly!
-seeing the size of the group that came to help Grendor initially was awesome in and of itself.
-Molly looking sufficiently stunned and emotional while she registered that it was actually her husband.
-Egil explaining to Grendor that he was actually dead and had been for quite some time.
-The emotions that I found WAY too easy to tap into for this encounter...felt teary eyed and chocked up quite a bit as I said my brief goodbyes to my wife and friends.
-Darius informing Grendor that he didn't have anything to worry about as Molly and Egil would soon be betrothed and everyone's thoroughly mixed reactions to that LOL
-Egil and the other Death marked person (sorry I'm spacing your name right now) escorting Grendor to the Registrar, being judged and given the choice of where his spirit should reside.
-Being permitted a few more hours to say goodbyes and the subsequent confused and stunned looks of Molly and group when Grendor joined them on the trail to the tavern.
-Conversations with Egil, Arikaya, Darius, Lagarde, Katherine and all of the new Warchester court. They all did a lot to leave Grendor with a sense of peace that his friends, family, barony and country were all in good, cooperative hands...despite the fact that they were currently all dead.
-Finding out that there was still a dwarf in Warchester and that he had recently married a Miwi...I'm sure she'll bare him at least a few good dwarven children! :) Also loved hearing that Thorgrim defeated Dargok in a duel. This gave Grendor an immense amount of satisfaction, knowing that a fellow dwarf had avenged him...even if it wasn't on that personal level :) (Check one off in the book of grudges:))
-The highlight of this time as Grendor though was the conversation with Molly and Dame/Baroness Katherine. This was one of the most emotional moments Grendor had and gave him an immense amount of peace in the end.
-Being able to leave an heirloom for Molly and Grendor's child to remember him by, a memento to his best friend as well as a symbol that he would watch after his family and a small piece of himself to Molly :)
-having conversations with Molly about Darius' statement and her mix of reactions to that
-Being escorted back to the Registrar by his best friend for his final rest and being able to have a conversation that he felt also gave his friend some peace.

hehe sorry if that seems at all self centered, but that really has been one of the most memorable encounters I've had in my 20 some years of LARPing. Once again a huge thanks to plot and Trace for that :)

Also, i fee like it was touched on rather briefly so I just want to emphasize that I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with new Warchester and it meant a lot to Grendor. He hopes it was equally meaningful to connect with their past in some way.

On other notes,
-as mentioned many times, dinner was great
-loved how everyone embraced the ball and the great outfits
-the video Ian created was awesome
-the whole Umbrasil mod was a ton of fun. it WAS cold, but I LOVED the fog that joined us. It really did add to the atmosphere.
-the final part of that mod looked fantastic with all the light sticks spread around. If anyone got pictures of that I'd love to see them.
-being Arcane Feared into a pretty brisk retreat (sorry to whoever I smashed into in the circle)
-being locked in the circle since there was no one to remove my fear...and Darius letting me out of the circle when he didn't realize i was feared (and honestly i think he wont realize that until he reads this...there was a LOT going on at the time)
-the people in the fall back circle in the Umbrasil mod that more or less captured me and got rid of my fear, thanks for stopping me from leaving the mod LOL

Plot and NPCs as a whole thanks for making this game awesome! I wish that Michelle and I had been able to make it back sooner and see all of this develop. I look forward to the day when we are able to play again for a whole weekend event :)
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Man this weekend was a whirlwind! The start was real rough and crazy but I couldn't have done it without some serious help from this AMAZING community. Josh and I appreciate everyone who helped us by stepping up last minute to make the food and our event possible.

*A quick shout out to everyone who help unload Izzy's Truck! You are incredible and I was in tears when I heard about the overwhelming amount of support from all of you. Thank you!
*I want to personally thank Mike, Mandi and Izzy. You all really stepped up and saved our bacon. I appreciate you for the support emotionally and all the coordination when everything started unraveling before Josh and my eyes.
*Shout out to the Scions for letting me stay with them last minute. It meant the world to me to be surrounded by friends. <3
*Shout out to the people that reached out to check on Josh and I. We appreciated every little conversation. I love our community for all the positivity and support you guys give!
* Congratz to Plot that finished up the year so strong! You did it and you really knocked this event out of the park. I also want to say thank you for being so supportive with the wedding time. I was so excited that after months of planning I still got the opportunity to have this special moment IG.
*Shout out to Josh. We survived a crazy hectic year of cooking with one heck of a finish. We stand stronger and taller on the other side of it. I couldn't have done it without you.

*Demvarian's Duel with Dargok. Having my heart sink at the inevitable but hoping that he might make it out anyways! Telling Emaric to coach him from the sidelines because he deserved to have him there.
*The Dargok Fight! It was challenging and engaging with so many memorable moments. Especially so when Dargok turned me undead and told me to swing my cute little dagger at people "1 Normal!"
*Ember attempting to set up a Bachelorette party for Cynder. It was an A+ for effort and probably best it never came to light.
* Having the deep conversations with Fynn about the inevitable. You could say I was a bit petrified with fear...Yikes.
*Receiving the title of Guildsmistress of the Healers Guild and feeling the excitement that the charter was finally accepted! I am so excited to see what next year brings us as a guild family. I hope I can do the title a justice.
* Getting the chance to finally see Darius back in the guild! Welcome Home!
*All the emotional roleplay with Demvarian: Post-Dargok and his Mock resurrection. I don't think he took any of my guidance too harshly. I look forward to seeing how their relationship continues to grow as colleagues and friends.
*The snuggly warmth of the Scion Hall- Thanks for keeping it toasty Nirrabex!
*Becoming a Step-Daughter of the Scions!- The surprise was positively amazing and your words were so heartfelt and meaningful to me. Being represented by Lumi and Izual meant the everything to Cynder! Nyt's echoed one of the deepest for Karlee/Cynder. You all almost had me in tears.
*Kendrick's Knighting and Lumi's Rivervale Dress- It is about time Kendrick! Lumi looked amazing! Just like a true lady of the court.
*All the hard roleplay with the Scions this weekend. There were so many moments. The intensive choices even though Cynder didn't think her opinion should have mattered. Lumi's fire and rage for Cynder <3. I wish Cynder would have been awake to hear it! The harsh words followed by a hard realization which ended in a somewhat happy ending. I don't think I have ever made such an angry and serious roleplay decision like that in the heat of the moment. I am glad that Parzivel was so kind and sincere or the that conversation may have taken a different turn.
*All the Wedding Things- Thank you Alis and Court of Tiatar for letting us sneak in the Wedding for 15 minutes of the ball. You have no idea how much it meant to us. Thank you Nirrabex Lumi, and Ember for handling pretty much everything so I could continue to cook and get ready. I love my MWE sisters so much. All the beautiful presents from Darius, Demvarian, and Nirrabex. Each one meaningful in their own way. Yssenia for playing the beautiful music. It turned out perfect! Darius for walking me down the aisle. Cynder was so happy you were there for that moment in her life. Nirrabex for actually doing the ceremony. There is no person who could have done it better than you my dear. Thorgrim, your vows were beautiful. Thank you for this special evening.
*The Blind Seer Mod- Great Job John!I couldn’t imagine spending my honeymoon any other way
*Conversations with Molly and Baron Egil before the huge Zigguraut fight. She puts up one heck of a fight!
*Scion Wake/Meeting- So heartfelt and important to have. It has been a long while I had that kind resolution. Thank you.
*All the snuggles!

And lots more things. What an awesome weekend!


I've gone and stolen a free moment, so I'm going to try to remember some of the madness NPC-side from this event!

Thursday Night:
  • The rapid response of a big percentage of the camp to help Izzy unload and get out to help Josh and Karlee - the community on full display in the best way!
  • Waiting behind the tavern for the signal to come out of the woods, and seeing our bonus "King of Halloween" competitor creep out and force people back to the tavern out of nerves. If no one else got to see that costume, it was REALLY well done!
  • Bugs and clicking everywhere! The best round of bug crunch, for me, was getting around behind the lower cabins and chasing a group halfway up the hill. Also, props to the Scions for figuring out the mechanics of the bugs before anyone else.
  • Speaking of Scions... wow, bits of this story were trickling in as the day went on, and my hats are off to all of you for the intense stuff you all were handed.
  • Almost napping in sunny woods just before a mini-mod, followed by dryad hugs. Totally made up for scratchy camo netting.
  • Had some light non-hitty RP with a few folks at dinner as a senior Rider of Acarthia, and being parked next to what I was sure was going to be some high-emotion crossbow bolts in Zakar's face.
  • Theater of the Dead - people seemed more reactive to the stage play this time, and it was fun to see and hear people's reaction. "Should have parried!" "That's NOT funny!"
  • Morning hunting horn! Now with enhanced, camp-terrifying volume.
  • A few dueling pointers from Ian just before a brutal meatgrinder against the Valarians. I feel 10% better just trying to learn one thing from fighting against them. Also, actually landing an Eviscerate in a face-on fight.
  • Being a dead Baron. Just about everything was conspiring to make this Mod not happen, but something told me it needed to happen - so we made it happen. Mod Blue Cards getting put out and disappearing, then props getting found and cleaned up... and then a bit longer of an anticipated wait when the marshal took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Also, awkward group hugs.
  • Dinner. The food has always been unfair good with Josh and Karlee's cooking, but the prime rib was over the top in a way I don't think I'll ever see topped.
  • Basically everything about the final battle!
    • The Snugra'sil chants down by the tavern as we were sitting and waiting for things to kick off was making it very hard for this wind not to laugh!
    • As the teams go off to begin the field battle, we line up at the tavern door and be sure our stat cards are right. 140 combined body and armor isn't that much, right?
    • The first big Umbra'sil chants, and the stars disappearing. And the fog rolling in as the first and second teams rotated.
    • Finally getting to roll out the full tin can - I've used pieces of it across the season, but finally having everything together (and some people mentioning they liked seeing it) was a high-grade feel-good for me.
    • Watching the final, triumphant push to end the threat - the jubilation was palpable.
  • Finally figured out how to keep my layers warm enough for a good sleep in cabin 8
  • My little Subaru making the climb up a hill I couldn't walk down!

This was a hell of an event, and has me jazzed to be playing again in November with the 2.0 playtest! Hearing all the story and seeing how much of a blast people were having almost makes me want to roll a PC - but then I'd miss the joy of making it all happen!


  • Leading the Ultra Strike Force of Destiny into the ziggaurat. It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with yall for Yssenia's final game as a destined.
  • Being able to play for Cynder and Thorgrims wedding. I was so honored to have been given that invitation, and I am so glad that you both enjoyed it!
  • The various bard/minstrelling for the ball. I felt bad that I didnt have the matching music, but hopefully we can get that next time.
  • The many conversations with Zakar
  • Random jokes with Darius turning into very serious conversations
  • Loremasters mod. Go team nerd!
  • The ritual w Darius and Mevanwy was amazing, the RP, the stories we learned, and the effects were just amazing!
  • Friday morning ranging with Thistle! It was nice to have someone to talk with while ranging across the site!
  • Waking up to snow Sunday morning. I love the snow, I love being able to chill in the tavern and yurt and RP with the snow.
  • Making friends with lots of our visitors from across the mists! You folks were wonderful to talk with, and I look forward to visiting your shards.