Denver Weapons Check, Safety


Official Safety Marshal post for Alliance Denver:
  1. Weapons Check: Every boffer physrep has to be checked for safety every event, even if it's already been checked at previous events. Weapons Check will run at the Logistics building from 6:00-10:00 on Thursday night, and from 6:00-8:00 on Friday night. Additionally, there be will a Weapons Marshal in the tavern (Jim Galford; Lagarde the foxkin with the pirate hat) on Friday night from 6:00-8:00. If you check in outside those times, please find Trace Moriarty in Monster Camp to check your weapons. Denver's local Weapons Marshals for the Nationals Event are:

    Jim Galford – Lagarde Rhoade
    Will Haddon – Parzivel Eisenhal
    Izzy Veldhuis – Izual Brown
    Trace Moriarty – Plot Team

  2. Red glowsticks on the ground will mark safety hazards. Please don’t move red glowsticks you find on the ground. (Red glowsticks that are moving may be used for other effects this weekend.)
  3. The campsite for our May 10-13, 2018 National Event has a NO NUTS policy! No nuts, no nut butters, no candy or power bars with nuts in them. Not even just in your cabin; nowhere on site. No nuts! The Girl Scouts really mean business with this policy, and our compliance is essential for continued friendly relationships between all Colorado LARPs and the campsite owners.
  4. No smoking allowed onsite anywhere, including vaping. Please drive to the edge of site to smoke. This includes no smoking inside your own car, indoors, outdoors, everywhere onsite.
  5. Use of alcohol and any drugs during an Alliance event, or playing while under the influence is never allowed. This absolutely includes pot.
  6. Here's an overview of Denver's style for safety issues:
  7. New moon this event! Our campsite will be super dark at night. Please be careful.
  8. Colorado visitors: Our campsite sits at an elevation of 8,500 feet. At higher altitude you will find yourself winded more easily, dehydrating way faster than normal, and you will sunburn more easily. Please pace yourself and be a responsible adult about all these things. Your cabin will be far from cool, refreshing ice water located in the tavern; plan to buy some bottled water or sports drinks to keep in your cabin.

Trace Moriarty
Safety & Weapons Marshal
Alliance Denver
Weather for Woodland Park, Colorado is currently predicted to be really lovely this weekend!

Here in the Rocky Mountains, temperatures can swing pretty far between night and day. Overnight lows may dip down to 38 degrees this weekend. It's "early spring" here in Colorado. If you're flying in from a much warmer climate, please be prepared with your costuming, and bedding for chilly nighttime temperatures.

Trace "Captain Safety" Moriarty
Alliance Denver